Casino Tricks That Make You Splurge On Games

How Land-Based Casinos Keep Their Clients Interested

Online casino never misses a chance to trick its clients into spending more money. But how do you keep a player’s attention when gambling is taking place online? After all, any user is a free person that makes their own decisions. For example, if you remember about an important chore or your mom says the dinner is ready, you’re likely to close the gambling site and return to your everyday life. However, the situation with land-based gambling is different. A brick-and-mortar casino creates an isolated environment where the number of distractions is reduced to a minimum. On the contrary, everything you see around you makes you feel more involved.

Music And Sounds

In a brick-and-mortar casino, you’ll never hear a loud noise or overbearing music – maybe except for the moments when someone has won a jackpot. Casinos are known for their quite, monotonous sounds that produce an almost hypnotizing effect on gamblers. Casino employees speak in quiet, serene voices. There is no confusion or hurry. The atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming. It invites you to relax and surrender to their desires. The service is very delicate and unobtrusive. It’s hard to imagine a situation when a casino employee taps you on the shoulder while you’re gambling and starts offering you food and drinks.  

Sense Of Timelessness

Lack of windows is a signature feature of any land-based casino. Even if, technically, the premises do have windows, you’ll never guess where exactly they’re located. But why do casinos dislike windows so much? Well, there is a rather trivial reason to that. A casino doesn’t want gamblers to know what time of day it is. It’s done to trick a player into thinking that it’s still too early. One can say that inside a casino, time stands still.

You’ll also fail finding clocks on the walls. Casino employees don’t wear watches either. When going to a casino, be sure to wear a watch unless you want to lose sense of time. 

Shows And Contests

The fact that a casino has a peaceful atmosphere doesn’t mean that there is nothing going on there. For players that have just arrived or are about to leave, a casino organizes exciting shows, contests, lotteries, and other events that often involve money prizes. Their goal is to engage a client and make them continue gambling.  

However, the most powerful thing that makes players keep on gambling is the desire to win big. Some gamblers become literally obsessed with the idea of hitting a life-changing money prize!

Casino Restaurants

One of the few things in which land-based casinos beat their online rivals is a possibility to order food and drinks.  

It’s only natural that after an exciting gambling experience, a casino client wants to grab a bite and relax sipping a beer or cocktail. Nowadays, you won’t see a casino complex without a proper restaurant. A fun fact. At the dawn of the gambling industry, casinos were built close to the existing restaurants. As odd as it may sound, restaurants were there first and casinos only complemented them.   

All major land-based casinos either have their own restaurant, or stand close to a cluster of cafes. The higher the casino status, the fancier the restaurant. Gamblers can rest assured that they’ll end a busy gambling session at a beautiful restaurant enjoying delicious food. 

Le Train Bleu

Along with its roulette tables, Monte Carlo is known for its fashionable restaurants, Le Train Bleu being one of them. Located in the legendary Place du casino, the restaurant is frequented by Hollywood stars, Formula 1 drivers, tennis players, and other celebrities. Le Train Bleu is a truly iconic venue that attracts the cream of society. 

La Terraza

The renowned Madrid-based casino La Terraza has its own restaurant under the same name. Distinguished with 2 Michelin stars, the location offers a spectacular view of Madrid. From La Terraza, the capital of Spain looks like a reverie.   

Having dinner at La Terraza is a true quest even for seasoned gamblers. On most days, tables are fully booked in advance. An average bill hovers around 300 euro but, according to regulars, it’s totally worth it! 

The 8

The 8 tops the list of the best restaurant in Macao, China’s gambling Mecca. Located inside the magnificent Grand Lisboa casino, the venue has 3 Michelin stars. The restaurant menu is inspired by the Asian cuisine. Both traditional and exotic Asian food will be a true enjoyment for your taste buds!    

Guy Savoy

Las Vegas is packed with top-class restaurants. Out of all noteworthy locations, we decided to focus on Guy Savoy. In fact, there is not much we can tell you about this place because its 5 Michelin stars say it all. However hard you try, you won’t find another restaurant like this in all of Las Vegas!