Is There Life After A Casino Loss?

All you need to know about casino losses and how to get over them

Losing is painful. This applies not only to gambling but to all spheres of our life. In gambling, you can never be sure how the next spin will end. The more money is at stake, the higher is the risk of parting with your money. 

How Casino Losses Occur

In all fairness, few players have enough courage to risk big amounts of money. The majority of casino users with modest bankrolls make small bets. This is why their losses are also small.  

But no one is ensured against losing streaks. It’s when you lose wager after wager until unsuccessful bets gradually deplete your entire deposit. 

Whether it’s a one-time loss or a series of losses, the effect they have on the gambler is devastating. Few players realize that losing is an organic part of gambling, and there is no way you can avoid it. Without losses, there would be no wins, and vice versa. While you can’t eliminate losses, you can successfully keep them under control by managing your bankroll wisely. Sadly, few gamblers know how to do that. 

How To Overcome Depression

Following a significant loss, a player becomes discouraged, loses motivation and interest for gambling and life in general. In rare cases, a poor gambling performance may even cause depression. Some gamblers, on the contrary, continue to gamble in the attempt to recoup their losses. Most of the time, such a reckless behavior results in even bigger losses.  

The best you can do in a situation like that is to take a break from gambling. You need time to restore your emotional balance and leave the ill feelings behind you. How long this “vacation” will last depends on your psychological state. It can be one week or several months. You decide. 

How To Avoid Big Losses

The recipe has two words in it: bankroll management. Don’t mind the scary name because it’s not as hard as you might think. Based on how much money you have at your disposal, you need to determine the optimal size of your bet. In you stick with this amount, you’ll avoid serious losses that may undermine your bankroll. Of course, casino games tempt us with big winnings. And the only way to win big is to bet big. Don’t fall into this trap. Find the strength to fight the temptation and stick to your optimal bet.   

Is It Possible To Beat An Online Casino?

By wishing to beat an online casino, you’re setting quite a challenge for yourself. It’s commonly known that all casino games have a house edge. No matter what you do, you’ll end up losing more than you’ve won. But this doesn’t mean you can’t bring down the casino advantage. Read on to find out how to do it!

Tap Into Bonuses

Bonuses are a tricky subject due to the wagering requirement attached to them. Nonetheless, they can be of great help in boosting your winnings and recouping your losses. Following your registration with a casino, be sure to activate all the bonuses available to you

In some casinos, you can get back a certain percentage of the money you lost. Also, online casinos often have quite lucrative loyalty programs. The more money you spend on wagers, the more points are credited to your account. The collected points can be exchanged for cash or prizes. Even if you’re not planning on spending a fortune on the casino site, we recommend that you join the loyalty program just in case.   

Follow Money Management Rules

Money management is the cornerstone of smart gambling. Without it, you can abandon the hope of beating a casino. You can’t gamble blindly. You must absolutely know how much money you’ve had at the start, how much you’ve lost, what your average bet is, what goals you’ve achieved, and so on. By managing your money, you can estimate your chances to beat a casino playing a specific game. 

If you realize that overcoming the house edge is beyond your abilities, you should stop trying and save your energy and zeal for some other game. This leads us to the next topic.

How To Choose A Beatable Game

If you’re looking for the right game to beat a casino, you should cross slot machines off your list. First, different slot titles have different money-making opportunities. Also, there are slots whose RTP is unknown, which leaves players in the dark about their wining chances. 

Blackjack is, on the contrary, a great choice. First, there is the optimal strategy for blackjack that has proven its effectiveness. Also, the fact that you can actually beat the casino boosts your motivation and excitement during the game. 

Video poker is another game where you have good chances to overcome the casino advantage. 

What If I Fail?

Trying to beat a casino is like walking on a thin ice. The chances of things going south are very high. Clever strategies and bankroll management rules alone can’t guarantee a successful outcome. There is also such an unpredictable factor as luck. If you’re out of luck, you risk hitting a losing streak that will squeeze all the juices out of your bankroll.  

The advice we can give to newbies is this. If it’s your first time trying to beat a casino, get emotionally prepared to face a loss. Also, don’t risk big amounts of money unless you want to reduce your bankroll to nothing in just one spin or game.