How Online Casinos Acquire And Retain Players

The Tricks Online Casinos Use To Retain Clients And Make You Gamble More

Why people gamble? The answer comes down to two main reasons: people want to have a good time and make some profits along the way. While having a good time is available to anyone, winning a large amount of money is not so easy. Lucky gamblers that leave a casino with a juicy profit in their pocket are very few. 

Sky-High Bonuses

The main bait online casinos use to attract more gamblers has to do with money. Gambling sites offer impressive welcome bonuses that never fail to impress newly registered clients. When offered a large bonus on a relatively small deposit, a player can’t say “no”, especially if they have never gambled online before and don’t know how hard it is to release a welcome bonus. As for seasoned players, they’re well aware that bonuses come at a price which is called “wagering requirements.” This is why they’re less likely to accept a welcome bonus.  

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot is another way to lure in naïve gamblers. Casinos are very proud of their multi-million jackpots and are eager to promote them not only among their existing customer but also among potential clients. Seeing the possibility to win a life-changing prize, a person is more likely to sign up with a casino and start gambling. At the same time, casinos are silent about how hard it is to actually win a progressive jackpot. In reality, your chances to grab a prize like that are close to non-existent.   

Entertaining Games

Boredom and casinos are don’t mix well together. You won’t find a boring game on a gambling site. Online casinos only offer the best casino games that amaze you with frequent winnings, exciting plots, and dazzling symbols. Surrounded by such splendor, a player spends hours on end making bet after bet. After about 30 minutes of gambling, you dive into some sort of a trance and stop to pay attention to what’s happening around you.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Serene music and quiet, monotonous sounds are a signature feature of any online casino. This is how a casino lures you into its world, making you forget about everything else. A gambling site is a perfect environment for relaxation and enjoyable pastime. It’s a magical place where your everyday problems seem small and insignificant. Also, you won’t find any indications of time in online casinos. This is also true for live casinos where dealers never talk about time.  

All You Need To Know About Gambling Addiction

Online casinos are often unjustly criticized for causing gambling addiction. Instead of looking for actual reasons, many people put the blame on gambling sites.  

In this situation, we’d like to take the side of online casinos. Online casinos can’t be the main motive for developing gambling addiction. Making casinos responsible for such a complex problem is a major misconception.

The recent surveys say that people feel the most vulnerable during a difficult time in their lives. Depression, nasty breakup, solitary living, etc. are among the reasons why a person may lose control over their life and fall into the abyss known as “ludomania”.

Sometimes, the reasons are tracked back to the childhood. It’s not uncommon that a gambling addict comes from the family where one or both parents gambled as well, often neglecting their responsibilities. It’s very important to protect kids from getting acquainted with gambling too early in their lives. This is why law-abiding casinos don’t allow underage users to register an account and play for real money. 

You won’t solve the problem of gambling addiction by simply banning online casinos all over the globe. It’s a short-sighted measure that will most definitely lead to dire consequences. Instead of licensed and honest casinos, players will go to illegal sites. That would cause a whole lot of problems on a bigger scale. 

The problem with gambling addiction is more complex that it may seem. Casino bans won’t solve anything. What’s the way out then? Some of the possible measures include improving casino regulation, restricting access for underage users, and providing professional help to people suffering from ludomania. Introduced together, these measures will hopefully help bring down the number of gambling addicts.

Online casinos are also joining the fight against ludomania. To make gambling experience less stressful, some casinos put the maximum limit on the player’s losses. Also, a player can ask the casino to block their account for a specific period of time, thus preventing them from making bets. 

Also, casino operators voluntarily contribute a significant part of their profits to the funds involved in helping gambling addicts.