Can You Win In Online Casinos? How To Boost Your Winning Chances?

Winning in Online Casinos: Myth or Reality?

It’s a known fact that all gambling games have a casino advantage incorporated in them. Due to that advantage, an average player tends to lose more than win.  

What Is An Advantageous Game?

An advantageous game is a game that yields a positing winning expectation. Sadly, you won’t find advantageous games on gambling websites. Whatever gaming app you choose, your losses will still exceed your winning in the long run. This is the sad truth about online casinos, and there is nothing you can do. 

Potentially Advantageous Games

On a brighter note, there is a possibility to gain an advantage – consistent or temporary – over the casino. In other words, you can try to make the game you’re playing advantageous. 

Let’s take blackjack for example. In blackjack, if you’re using the optimal strategy, you can make the house edge almost non-existing.

This is why using the optimal strategy must become an organic part of your gambling strategy. In some games, such as blackjack, sticking to the basic strategy is imperative to success. 

As for the remaining few percent of the house edge, you can eliminate those using bonuses and loyalty programs. If an online casino counts blackjack bets towards the wagering requirements and bonus program, you have a real chance to boost your advantage by up to 2%. Not bad at all!

Achieving a bigger advantage over the casino is hardly possible. However, a small advantage is still better than no advantage at all. For professional gamblers, any advantage over the house is stimulus enough to continue making bets.  

Don’t expect instant results, though. It will be at least a month before your optimal strategy delivers feasible results. Large bets won’t help either. The best way is to determine the optimal size of a bet and stick to it. Professional gamblers set the optimal bet at 1-2% of their bankroll. This is a surefire way to protect your budget from devastating losses. 

Also, you need to get acquainted with the casino’s bonus and loyalty programs. They, too, can help you reduce the house edge. When making calculations, be accurate and precise. It would be a pity to spend months gambling without achieving the desired result. 

Here is one more thing you should keep in mind. After you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements, your game may stop being advantageous, so be careful.  

Smart Software For Online Gambling: Does It Really Work?

Against common belief, you won’t find many programs that boost your winning chances in gambling. While it’s true that keen gamblers keep inventing new programs all the time, few of them are really useful. Other programs are of no value at all. Moreover, many of them can be easily replaced with in-built casino features. 


One classic example is smart predictive programs for roulette. Such programs collect data on multiple spins and use it to calculate the player’s winning odds.

At the same time, many online roulette apps already have an in-built statistics tool that provides the user with detailed information on the recent spins.  

If you ask us, using an individual program is more convenient than using casino tools. Also, a dedicated program gathers stats on an endless number of spins and presents the winning odds in percent. In other words, the software does all the hard work for the player.     

Don’t get all excited, though! Such a program won’t boost your gambling performance. The frequency of winnings will remain the same because the program can’t predict the result with a 100% accuracy. 

Slot Machines

Similar programs are used for slot machines. The only difference is that the player has a more limited choice. You can only change the size of bet but not its type. Like in roulette, the program analyzes the results of spins and determines the winning odds for the next bet.  

The main thing is not to take such predictive software too seriously. Relying on the stats for winnings is like walking a thin rope. We recommend using such programs for fun. Anyway, you should test different analytical programs on different casino games and make your own conclusions regarding their effectiveness. 

We won’t get tired of stressing that you should apply predictive programs with great caution. Here is a word of warning. Increasing your bet each time the program shows good winning odds is a big mistake. Your wager may win or lose regardless of what the software is saying. When it comes to slots or roulette, no program can predict whether the next spin will end with a loss or payout.  


The situation with blackjack is different. If the program is based off the optimal strategy, its hints and predictions can be pretty useful. This is when you have all chances to reduce the house edge and finally beat the casino.