Casino Bonuses: What’s To Expect After Registration?

Deposit And No-Deposit Casino Bonuses: How They Work

After registering a new account with online casino, the player receives multiple bonus offers from the casino. Our goal is to help you come to terms with a variety of gifts casinos have in store for you. 

What Is A Casino Bonus?

A bonus is a gift in the form of money or chips that is credited to the player’s casino balance in exchange for performing a certain action, e.g. registering a new account, making a deposit, etc. 

The essential thing to keep in mind is that bonuses are not provided for free. Before you can release your bonus from the system, you need to meet wagering requirements

Each bonus come with specific wagering requirements. A wager is a number that shows how much money you need to spend on bets before you can cash out your bonus. For example, a x5 wager means that you need to wager 5 times your bonus before the casino allows you to withdraw it.

Our advice is to focus not on the size of a bonus but on the wager attached to it. 

Wager is not the only parameter you should pay attention to. With some bonuses, you only have a limited time to fulfill wagering requirements. Plus, there can be a limited selection of games eligible for wagering requirements. For example, you must fulfill your wagering requirements within 30 days and on slots only. 

As you can see, bonus is not a free gift. Releasing a big bonus is both time- and money-consuming. Out of a nice money addition, a bonus may turn into a frustrating trap. You should keep that in mind when considering whether or not to accept a bonus. 

Popular Casino Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of bonuses that gambling websites give to their clients. To receive a deposit bonus, you need to credit money to your account. The size of a money reward depends on the size of your deposit. The more funds you add to your account, the more extra money you can look forward to. Due to their large size, deposit bonuses come with tough wagering requirements. Releasing such a money prize is a real challenge.

No-deposit bonuses are a great alternative to their deposit-based “colleagues”. As you easily gather from its name, a no-deposit bonus doesn’t require the gambler to make a deposit. However, if you’re planning on withdrawing your money reward from the system, you’ll still have to credit money to your account. Unlike deposit bonuses that can reach $1,000 and more, their no-deposit counterparts range from $5 to $10. Unfortunately, such a bonus can’t keep you betting long.

Types Of No-Deposit Bonuses

For obvious reasons, most casinos prioritize deposit bonuses. No-deposit bonuses are harder - although not impossible - to find.

Naturally, all players are trying to lay their hand on a no-deposit bonus. To get this type of gift, you simply need to sign up with an online casino. That’s it. However, as we mentioned earlier, few gambling sites are willing to pamper their client with free money gifts. 

It’s not uncommon that instead of a money reward, a casino encourages its newly registered players with free spins. This means you’re allowed to make a specific number of bets on slots absolutely for free. Everything you win during the free spins will be credited to your account, whereas losses will be nullified. If you like slot machines, you’re sure to appreciate this type of reward.

Another common form of casino bonuses is the free time during which you can play any games for free. Like in case with free spins, the player gets all winnings, while losses are not taken into consideration. 

Also, new players often get tournaments and lottery tickets. 

Keep in mind that all the above-mentioned bonuses can’t be called free. It’s true that you don’t need to make a despot in order to get such gifts. However, after having used a bonus, you’ll be obliged to perform certain actions, e.g., make a deposit. 

How To Receive Casino Bonuses

In fact, getting free bonuses is pretty easy. All that’s asked from you is to sign up with a gambling website, submitting the required personal information. Our advice is not to take the registration process lightly. Make sure your provided information is full, accurate and relevant. The casino won’t give bonuses to just anyone. The registration is a criterion but which a casino filters potential clients from “passers-by” who are only interested in free money rewards. 

If you’ve made some profits with your free casino bonuses, you’re unlikely to withdraw your earnings from the casino any time you want. You’ll have follow the rules and make a deposit. Only then will you get the green light to cash out your money.