What Is The Best Game To Play At An Online Casino To Win Money?

Chances Of Winning In Different Casino Games

As you probably know, casino games have different winning chances. The winning odds depend on multiple factors, including the rules, gambler’s decisions, game settings, etc. Let’s talk about how to pick a profitable game that will shower you with frequent and lucrative wins.  

How Online Casino Makes Money

How much you’re going to win in an online casino depends on how much you’re willing to spend on bets. There is a correlation between the total amount of bets made by gamblers and their total winnings.  

In most online casinos, gamblers get back 90-97% of their wagers. This parameter is called the “return to player percentage”, or RTP. The higher the payout percentage, the more profitable the game is. However, the payout rate can’t exceed 100% because the casino always has a certain edge over players.   

Despite the casino’s advantage over an average player, it’s still in your power to pick a game with a high payout rate. Most of the game, casinos indicate RTP in the description to the game, so be sure to check it out before making real-money wagers. 

The Best Winning Chances

It’s no secret that card games offer the highest winning chances for the player. In this regard, card games beat slots big time. Truth be told, slot machines have unparalleled multipliers and high-paying symbols, but this is not the topic of this article.  Let’s take a look at what major card games have to offer in terms of winning chances. 


If you’re looking for the highest winning odds, go for blackjack. By using the optimal blackjack strategy, you can push the casino advantage as low as 0.13%. The optimal strategy can give a major boost to your winning chances, so be sure to stick to it no matter what. This time-tested method really works. You’ll be surprised to see the results!  


Craps is hardly a No.1 card game in the world, because many gamblers consider it too complicated and tricky. Indeed, craps has a big variety of bets. But be careful: not all bets are equally beneficial to the player. However, if you know which types of wagers to choose, you can count on some juicy profits. 

If you get acquainted with the rules and follow the right strategy, you can reduce the house edge to 0.6-1.2%, which is a pretty good value. If you’re a beginner, stick with the Pass Line bet. By placing this type of bet, you’ll make some good winnings without having to go into the depths of the game.  


Roulette is a truly exciting game that can reward you with good winnings. However, since this is a very dynamic and fast-paced game, many players get carried away easily. In online roulette, the key secret to success is the ability to stop in time.

In European roulette, the house edge hovers around 2.7%, which makes this roulette variation rather profitable for the player. 

The Lowest Winning Odds

For obvious reasons, gambling sites never mention low winning chances some games have. This is why you must be on your guard. However exciting and entertaining, not all casino games are worth spending your money on. 

For example, the Wheel of Fortune offers tremendously low winning chances. Depending on the variation, the house edge in this game ranges from 11.2% all the way to 24.07%. 

Brace yourself, because the Wheel of Fortune is actually not the worst game in terms of winning odds. When playing slots with a progressive jackpot, your chances to hit the main cash prize are so tiny that it’s better to forget about the jackpot all at once! For example, your chances of winning a one-million-dollar jackpot stand at 1 to 50000000. Luckily for gamblers, regular winnings are easier to get by!