Why online casino can be closed

Closing an online casino: why it happens

At the moment, there is a rapid development of gambling business. More and more countries legalize this trend, including its online segment, thereby creating favorable conditions for ambitious entrepreneurs. However, websites blocking does occur. In this article we will try to understand why it's happens.


  1. Reasons for closing an online casino
  2. Bookmaker sites - how to choose what you need?
  3. Tips for bookmakers

In conditions of high competition, it is quite difficult to retain leadership positions in the market, which is why many business projects fail in their jurisdictions.

Reasons for closing an online casino

The first - most significant reason, in a legal and competitive market is bankruptcy. There is nothing permanent in our world. If today you are in the top, then tomorrow your company may suffer a complete collapse. The gambling industry is a complex business where only the strongest survive. The reasons for bankruptcy are set out below:

Invalid marketing strategies

A well-designed website, a wide range of gambling with a bonus systems and a loyalty programs - all this is not enough to achieve success in the gambling industry. Since the gambling business is classified as high risk, a whole team of professionals is needed for its promotion and effective functioning. Marketing includes the work of specialists from different areas (SEO, SMM, marketers, copywriters, etc.), which in total gives the maximum positive effect and favorably affects the development of a casino project. After all, the work of the marketing department is aimed not only at increasing sales, but also at finding the target audience. In turn, an ill-conceived marketing strategy, or even its absence, will have a negative impact on attracting new customers, which can serve as one of the reasons for the closure of the project.

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Site Efficiency

The smooth operation of the online casino site plays an important role in its success, since, of course, foreign users prefer a gambling resource with the best possible work. Operators must think through all the nuances: the speed of the website loading, a convenient and concise interface, professional support 24/7, etc. Taken together, these factors will improve the operation of online casinos, which will affect the increase in the user audience. Operators of casino brands that do not pay enough attention to such moments - do not stay for a long in the industry of gambling.


As for today, not every government loyal to the gambling business. Therefore, the reason for closing an online casino can serve as a tightening of the legislation of the state in which gambling activities are conducted. The signing of new laws on restricting or completely banning the provision of gambling services in a particular state makes many operators close their casino projects.

For example, in Italy toughened advertising rights for gambling operators. Similar actions are being taken by the governments of Belarus, Spain and several other countries. In this regard, operators suffer financial losses and leave the market.

No license for gambling

A license is an official document that gives the owner of an online casino the right to offer gambling services and carry out gambling activities. Its absence may indicate fraud on the part of the company, which often causes the site to be blocked by authorized bodies and automatically leads to the closure of the casino.

Bookmaker sites - how to choose what you need?

Therefore, in order to avoid financial losses, we recommend gambling users to consider the following tips when choosing an online bookmaker or online casino:

  • give preference to proven known resources with a large client base;
  • avoid sites that are blacklisted on various gambling forums;
  • be sure to read the reviews of real players about the online bookmaker you are interested in;
  • pay attention to the process of paying the prize money: are there any delays, if yes, then how regular are they, and other similar points.

Tips for bookmakers

If you are on the verge of bankruptcy, you need to act quickly and decisively. There are several ways to save the gambling business:

  • Mergers and acquisitions. If your gambling project is on the verge of inevitable bankruptcy, then one of the surest ways to prevent a collapse could be combining with another, more successful, brand. This method only works if the site has a good customer base, a high level of confidence from gamblers, and the difficult financial situation of your brand is unknown to anyone.
  • Rebranding will be a good solution if unhealthy competition or an incorrectly developed marketing strategy became the cause of the bankruptcy of the gambling project, which led to the inevitable outflow of customers and the decline of reputation. Rebranding involves changing the domain name, name and design of the site. You will also need to update the game assortment and bonus programs.