What To Expect From Mobile Gambling In 2019

Mobile gambling prospects in 2019 - 2021

The online gambling industry is quick to adapt to players’ needs. Like any other sector, it needs to flexible and inclusive in order to thrive and grow. In this post, we’ll find out what year 2019 holds for the mobile gambling community. Let’s get started!

There is no doubt that mobile gambling is here to stay. Smartphones and tablets have become our best friends and assistants. They are smart, fast, and always at hand. They make the perfects companions for the 21st century person. Expects are saying that mobile apps will generate 60% of the overall gambling profits in 2019. This is hardly surprising if you’ve been keeping tabs on the industry for the last couple of years. 

Evolution Of Mobile Gambling

We’re using our mobile devices for both work and entertainment. Our whole lives seem to have shifted online! We do online shopping on Amazon, read e-books, listen to music on Spotify, watch videos on YouTube, make friends on social media, and trade on stock exchanges. And – of course – we play gambling games. The technologies allow us to do all these things at any moment and at any place. All it takes is an advanced mobile device and high-speed Internet. These two “ingredients” give us access to a whole new world of opportunities. 

The mobile revolution is affecting gambling as well. Ten years ago, you had to hurry home to your desktop computer to play your favorite slot. Today, you can find any casino game in your smartphone and gamble while going to work on the subway or standing in line in a shopping mall. 

To get the idea of how fast the mobile gambling sector is growing, you should look at the statistics. While mobile gambling revenues amounted to $70 bln in 2018, by 2021 this number is expected to push the $100 bln mark. Over the 2018-2021 period, the mobile gaming niche showed the impressive annual growth rate of 17%.

Revenues of mobile gambling from period 2019 to 2021

Moving Forward

Judging by the spectacular success of mobile gambling and online casinos in general, this segment has a bright future ahead of it. Gamblers all over the world can’t imagine their lives without mobile casino games and bookie mobile apps that never fail to provide fun 24/7. Seeing a huge interest in mobile gambling, casino operators and software manufacturers are working hard to keep players happy. 

Software brands are developing new mobile-friendly games, including those with 3D effects and augmented reality features. Online casinos are optimizing their mobile users. Plus, they’re introducing new bonuses and other incentives to further encourage players to switch to mobile gambling. 


There is the other side of the coin, though. The industry that makes billions of dollars in revenue can become a convenient field for hacking, financial scams, and money laundering. To avoid that, governments and international organizations are rigorously regulating online and mobile gambling. For example, the United States top the list of the countries with the toughest gambling legislation. The mobile gambling niche in the UK is also meticulously regulated. At the same time, there are countries where mobile gambling (and all types of gambling, for that matter) is not welcome at all. For example, casinos are banned in Russia and some of the US states.