Traditional types of gambling machines in casinos

Sophia Sullivan

Continuing the series of articles regarding gambling, today we  will tell you about the main types of gaming machines which can be found in most of the casino gambling establishments, and how to use them.

The theme of gambling over the Internet is now quite popular not only because of the ban in some states, but also due to the convenience for users - online services and casinos are much more convenient than old and familiar to everyone - gaming halls, and the choice of games in online gambling casinos is much greater. But in this particular article we will speak about the most common types of gambling machines in the gambling establishments.

Usually in a casino gambling, offline or online, there are many different options to spend your money - blackjack, roulette, poker and many other gambling games. Despite this, most of casino customers still prefer to choose gambling machines. Casinos usually have more gambling machines (slots) in their halls than other casino gambling games combined.

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The explanation is simple - slots is very simple, you do not need to have any special skills and knowledge, you do not need to count cards and remember combinations, invent and memorize complex strategies and card combinations. All you need is to come to the casino, choose the size of the bet and pull the handle, the rest will be made for you by luck.

Gambling machines, however, can be very different from each other. In fact, there are more than 100 varieties and types of slot machines, but in general they all look like the very first slots, slot games sessions become much faster, colorful and exciting.

Let's consider briefly the main varieties of gambling machines.

Main groups of slots

All slot machines are primarily divided into two main groups: Classic Slots and Video Slots.

Classic - automatic machines consisting of mechanically rotating drum inside with reels, only three reels is available for winning combinations.

Video Slot Gambling Machines - a more modern version, which instead of the drums consists of a display and a computer, but apparently it does not differ from the classical version. Unlike classical, there can be not only 3 reels, but also 5, 7 and even 9.

Other types of gambling machines

One of the most common types of gambling machines today are multi-line slots. In such slots there is more than one payline, and if usually the payoff is considered only on the middle line, then in a multi-line slots it can be counted on three or more lines.

It is not rare to find such types of slot machines as i-slots. In these One-Armed Bandits there are 5 reels, but in addition to the usual winning options, they have additional bonuses, animated pictures and can even have an additional bonus screen, not to mention the storyline in several rare models. Due to such a variety of non-standard solutions, this type of machines have become quite popular and interesting for the public.

Progressive slots are another popular form of slot gambling machines. They differ from others only by the jackpot, it constantly grows with each player's bet.

The last kind of slots in the casino gambling that should be highlighted are bonus slot machines. All bonus slots is like an animated games of any possible theme. It is believed that such machines give the player a greater chance of winning in casino gambling, because in them besides the standard winning combinations there are various bonuses, like bonus rounds, free spins, etc.

Perhaps, we listed all the main types of popular slot machines. But remember that the main thing in casino gambling is to stop in time, play gambling games responsibly.

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