Issues most asked by gamblers

The most pressing issues of gamblers


  1. How much do blackjack dealers earn.
  2. Is cards counting illegal?
  3. Is it legal to play in online casinos?
  4. How to win in slot machines?
  5. How high is the probability of becoming a winner in a casino?
  6. Why is it impossible to use a mobile phone in a casino?
  7. Why there are no watches in gambling houses?
  8. How to get "bonus" from the casino?
  9. The theory of the dice control - is it true?
  10. What is the biggest casino in the world?
  11. Who creates new casino games?
  12. Does doubling betting system really work at a loss?

Everyone has their own approach to gambling. Someone puts all hopes for luck, while others look for strategies and ways to achieve success on their own. In this regard, many questions arise, the most common of which are answered in this article.

How much do blackjack dealers earn?

Blackjack dealers in Las Vegas have average annual salary around $15600. At first glance, this is not so much, but do not forget that dealers also receive tips.

This income is not constant. The policy of some gambling establishments is such that all tips are collected in one total amount and are distributed equally among all employees of the shift. This is great for dealers whose tips are small, but not very pleasant for those who are lucky to receive a large financial appreciation from customers.

Is cards counting illegal?

Counting cards is not an illegal strategy, so most casinos are not very worried about this practice. And all because self-taught amateur card counters are more dangerous for themselves than for a gambling establishment, because as a result, like everyone else, will leave their money on the gambling table.

But if such a player still manages to win a huge amount thanks to the card counting technique, then it will not be surprising if the casino staff asks him to leave. This is the right that gambling establishment have. Some of the most successful gamblers who use this strategy have had to disguise themselves for years to get into casinos, where otherwise, they would not be able to play.

Is it legal to play in online casinos?

The legality of online gaming depends on your location. In some countries, this practice is prohibited, while other states leave this decision to the discretion of the government.

For example, in the United States, the law on illegal Internet gambling does not mean that gambling is illegal. Its essence is to prohibit financial institutions, such as banks, to accept transactions related to offshore gambling.

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How to win in slot machines?

A bitter answer to this question would be: “Get the correct sequence of characters per spin.” If this answer does not suit you, then read on.

There is no proven system for how to win in slot machines, so this is not possible on an ongoing basis. The main reason is the random number generator, which is a guarantee that all spins are independent of each other.

You should also take into account the advantage of a gambling establishment, because even the most generous slot in the long run will give your money to the casino. There is a reason why slot machines are the generators of the biggest profits for a gambling establishment, and it would be impossible if someone knew a way to win them regularly.

How high is the probability of becoming a winner in a casino?

According to statistics, the share of winners in gambling establishments is about 30%. Lucky people usually produce a minimal amount of modest bets and leave while they are still on a winning streak. The longer you play, the higher the likelihood that the math behind the advantage of the gambling house will overtake you.

Why is it impossible to use a mobile phone in a casino?

In fact, you can use a mobile phone in most casinos. Due to the fact that people have become addicted to continuous communication via smartphones, the casino realized that the ban on these gadgets will scare many customers.

In some cases, players may be asked to leave the table during a telephone conversation. But this is more a matter of politeness than rules. However, some time ago, gambling establishments were concerned that mobile devices are used by teams of players who are involved in counting cards. Therefore, there have been cases when devices were withdrawn by administration.

Why there are no watches in gambling houses?

The answer to this question is very simple: it's done for customers to do not follow the time. If a player has the opportunity to glance at his watch from time to time, he may think: “Wow, I've been here for five hours already! Perhaps it is time to round out ..." Otherwise, they will continue to play for several more hours.

This tactic has been working fine for more than a decade, but the emergence of cell phones has a bit of impact on this. Now almost everyone can know the time. Nevertheless, this fact did not have a significant impact on casino profits as a whole.

How to get "bonus" from the casino?

There is only one universal way to get something from a casino - to spend money in it. As soon as they understand your value in a gambling establishment, they will make every effort to make you a regular customer.

The best way to get "bonus" - a club card. They are offered for free in all major casinos, because with their help the casino can track your spending. If they see that you are constantly replenishing their wallet, then it is very likely that you will be offered free shows, hotel rooms and much more.

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The theory of the dice control - is it true?

Since the beginning of the XXI century, this theory is only gaining popularity, although the effectiveness of this strategy is still questionable. Proponents of the theory include gaming experts such as Stanford Wong and Chris Policky, while most of the industry’s representatives are still skeptical about this approach.

It was clearly demonstrated that the dice can be controlled, if properly grasped and rolled, so that it smoothly touched the game table. This helps the dice to remain at one angle, which in turn significantly reduces the effect of randomness.

However, this requires long practice, especially considering that dice players can use only one hand to throw. The casinos are aware of this approach, so anyone who is caught in a too successful dice game can be asked to leave gambling establishment (as well as those who like to count cards).

What is the biggest casino in the world?

For a short time, this title belonged to the WinStar World Casino facility in Tuckerville, Oklahoma. The area of the gambling establishment is 48 216 square meters. But this is in the past. Chinese Venetian Macao managed to overtake the American casino.

The massive complex boasts a casino-area of 51,096 square meters. In addition, the building itself is among the seven largest buildings in the world. Gaming zone is divided into sections - Golden Fish and Red Dragon. There are 800 gambling tables and more than 3000 slot machines on the territory of the casino.

Who creates new casino games?

In the case of the making of new games, the only requirement is the novelty of the idea and the powerful desire to achieve success. If you have these qualities, you can easily create a new addition to the world of gambling.

For example, take three-card poker. Its creator was Derek Webb back in 1994. At first he proposed his development to gambling establishments of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but failed. However, he later received an interesting offer from the Grand Casino Gulfport casino-hotel, and since then his three-card poker has reached such popularity that it has become an integral part of gambling establishments in the USA and the UK.

Does doubling betting system really work at a loss?

The essence of this system is as follows: it is necessary to double the amount of the bet with each subsequent loss. Thus, the gain should not only cover all previous losses, but also bring profit.

In theory, a player with "unlimited" money can make this system work. Unfortunately, not a single person has inexhaustible financial reserves, which means that this system is doomed to failure. And although it may be successful in the short term, the combination of independent results and the advantage of a gambling house will inevitably lead to the player losing money much faster than he can recover the loss.

There is also a system with the opposite principle of action: it is necessary to double the amount of the bet after each win instead of losing. As you might have guessed, this system is equally useless.