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23 May 2018

Playing in online casino is a multi-faceted entertainment that brings several types of pleasure at once. And that's why gambling is so popular! So that you have only pleasant impressions of the process, please read our gambling tips below. They are formed on the basis of the experience of millions of regular players and give a serious advantage to the one who uses them.

We will clarify that this gambling tips can be used as gambling guide for online casino, where the players advantage is higher than in the terrestrial casino.

Our top list of trusted casinos

The choice of online casino must be taken as the MOST serious part of this gambling guide

Serous imageThis is the most important advice, because there are a lot of scammers over the Net, this is a gambling help that you need. Their activities are not controlled by anyone, so they use fake or tweaked gambling games, in which it is almost impossible to win. And even the hard-earned winnings at such gambling places is not always possible to sent to your credit or debit card (or bank account). Remember, a casino without a license is a game without rules.

The most common gambling tips to players always begins with the words: check the site on which you play. It's very simple, it's enough to find information about the license: its number, the date of receipt, the company that manages the site, the name of the regulator.

If such data is available, excellent! But since it's about your money, do not take information for granted. Go to the site of the regulator and check whether he issued such a license to this company. You should play gambling games only if information described below correspond to the website you want to play on.

The licensed casino is under strict control:

  • Uses only licensed games
  • In all games developers official settings are displayed
  • The stated bonuses are honestly given to the player
  • Winnings are paid in a timely manner

Collect all casino bonuses

casino bonusesRemember, in order to win more, you need to use all the benefits that gambling site provides. So, one of our gambling tips is a recommendation on picking up all of the casino bonuses that you can get from the website.

Is there are welcome bonuses available? Study the rules for the bonus receipt and if its works for you - you should get it!

Also, a good gambling tip is to choose a casino which gives free spins after registration. Register and get it.

One more gambling tip - find out if the casino you want to play in has bonuses for regular players (in long run it can be beneficial for you). Also important feature is Cashback bonus, you should look at how much you need to bet to get a Cashback.

Promotions in good casinos are a very dynamic thing, so at least once a week track the appearing offers. And if there is an opportunity to receive something for free, do everything possible to get into the number of those who will get these bonuses.

Select the appropriate gambling games

Do you want to get an advantage? Then listen to this gambling help-tip - do not play in all games (you should be picky when it comes to casino games). If you are aiming for a longer game with a dedicated bankroll, carefully consider the choice of games.

As a gambling help-tip for players who rely on long sessions - can start with the words: find your game. Statistics confirm that winnings often occur in carefully selected games.

How to choose? You need to take into consideration the return percentage of the gambling establishment. The higher it is, the higher the winning percentage in the made bets will be. For all games, developers specify this feature. For roulette and card games this indicator is also known.

Know the rules of the games you play

When the games are successfully selected, gambling help-tip #1 - thoroughly study the rules. Knowledge of the rules gives an understanding of the process. You will see what is happening and at the same time you will understand what to expect from one situation or another.

This is especially true for card games where the player not only makes bets, but also collects combinations, decides whether to take or not take an additional card, and so on. Professional players earn in their favorite games because of the knowledge of the rules and possible outcomes of the game. The more you learn, the higher your advantage.

Use the strategies correctly

For each kind of the game there are gambling guides for the players: how to behave in one situation or another, how to make bets correctly, when to stop and other stuff. Also, strategy developers indicate the expectation and probability of winning. But you need to understand that all this applies to a long-run game, at least a few hundred of spins (if you play slots) or hands of cards.

The longer you play, the closer he calculated coefficients and the RTP value will be to the declared value. And the main advantage is that your session can be interrupted, since the RNG of all online casino games always works the same. So, by selecting a game, you can play it for a month or even a year, having accomplished millions of events. The results and own statistics in this period will be as accurate and optimal as possible for practicing strategies.

By the way, this is another reason to play a small number of selected games.

Know Your Limits

limitsYou probably already saw gambling guide that recommend setting limits for the game. Often this applies only to bets. For example, it is recommended to determine for yourself the amount that you can freely spend during the day or month (or week, whatever).

But much more wise gambling tips to players contain more extensive recommendations.

Limits on bets

Determine not only the amount that you are willing to spend on bets, but also the amount that you are willing to lose. This will help you to be away from gambling problems and you won't need any gambling help. It is also recommended to set a limit for each specific bet to plan the length of the game.

Time limits

You need to be able to stop playing to keep the interest, or not to get tired, determine your personal limits. For example, play no more than an hour a day or 10 hours a month.

Limits on alcohol

To play in a state of intoxication is also risky. Alcohol removes all restrictions and worsens logical thinking, so bets can be rash, and losses - larger. Therefore, our gambling tips to you - DO NOT PLAY in a state of alcohol intoxication.

Since you know how you are influenced by certain drinks, limit yourself to a glass of wine or a bottle of beer to relax, but use it wisely.

Use the demo mode before the real gambling for money

This advice is primarily has an impact on new games. When you choose a game - test it in demo mode (or free mode). If you want to start playing with a live dealer, where participation without bets is impossible, spend at least a few minutes just watching how the other players play this game.

Take the observation and the demo mode as part of the training. Having gained more knowledge, you will get more advantages when playing for money.

Manage your time

We have already mentioned the advice to players regarding the time limits. But managing your schedule does not only affect the hours of play.

You should visit gambling site in the "right moments": when you are relaxed and in a good mood. Do not play in a hurry when there is no time to analyze the results.

Manage your bankroll

There is a whole science of bankroll management, which appeared thanks to poker players, but is suitable for all gambling games.

Key gambling tips to players on managing a bankroll:

  • Only play for "spare" money
  • Determine your optimal bet size
  • Divide the bankroll
  • Save some winnings
  • Plan to win
  • Keep track of expenses
  • Do not break your bankroll management rules

Close the game on time

The last gambling help-tip - know how to correctly determine when to finish the game. Everyone has his own limits on games, but more often it is recommended to pause when you have reached one of the limits set for yourself. Also, professionals recommend to stop after a very large win. This is due to the fact that in a state of euphoria of great luck, many make rash bets. And it's better to go back to the game in a more relaxed state.

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