The Legality Of Online Gambling

Is It Legal To Play Casino Games?

The legality of online gambling is determined by the laws of the country a gambler currently lives in. On the other hand, the Internet has no boundaries, and therefore online casinos are available to any user, regardless of their physical location.

Some countries have introduced severe penalties to prevent people from gambling. For example, in some Muslim countries, gambling is punishable by death. Can you imagine that? However, even the risk of getting punished can’t stop gamblers from enjoying their favorite casino games. Luckily, European countries have a milder approach. Nowadays, any EU resident can access gambling sites and play for real money. 

Online Casinos In The USA

In the United States, the situation is different from Europe. In the majority of the US states, both online and offline casinos are banned. Land-based casinos are only legal in a couple of US states. It’s the prerogative of each state to decide whether or not to legalize online casino games. Currently, online gambling is a hot topic of discussion. Luckily for casino fans, many US states are considering the possibility of legalizing gambling websites. Guess we just have to wait and see how the situation is going to evolve.   

By the way, gamblers from the US are a big source of profit for European casinos. Despite all bans, casinos continue to provide services to American users. Interestingly enough, it’s a gambling site and not its clients that bears responsibility for violating the ban.

European Online Casinos

In Europe, the gambling industry is doing better than ever. More and more countries are realizing that to legalize online casinos is the only savvy solution. The thing is that gambling sites are generous tax payers, which is definitely a good thing for the local economy. Among all European countries, Germany is the one that resists the emergence of online casinos more than others. This has to do with the fact that Germany has a strong lobby of land-based casino owners. 

For gambling fans, legalized online casinos offer a bunch of advantages that brick-and-mortar casinos can’t provide. If you’re playing on a licensed gambling site, you can rest assured that your interests and rights are securely protected by the regulation authorities. On top of that, licensed casinos stick with the principles of integral and fair gambling.  

How To Start Playing Online Casino Games: Tips For Beginners

Casino rookies tend to face the same challenges that keep them from registering an account with a gambling site and actually start gambling. Let’s address the most common problems that tend to overwhelm beginning gamblers. At a closer look, these “obstacles” are not as scary as they seem.  

How To Top Up Your Casino Account

You don’t necessarily need to make a deposit right away. Take a breath and look around. Browse through the casino website. Read the user agreement. Check out the available games and test them in a free demo mode. If you feel like you’re ready for real-money mode, you can move on to registration. Upon registration, you’ll get access to your personal gambler area. Click the Checkout tab and see the list of available deposits methods. Pick the option that suits you best and top up your account. Voila!  

How To Choose The Best Slot

High-profile online casinos have hundreds of slot titles. It’ll take you weeks to try out all of them! If you’re just starting your gambling journey, be sure to use the demo mode or make small-size bets. That will keep your bankroll safe from nasty mishaps. 

For player convenience, casinos divide games into categories, such as “Popular”, “New”, “Favorites”, etc. Also, on some websites, you can filter slots by manufacturer and number of reels.  

Games With Progressive Jackpots

If you’re into progressive slots, i.e. slots that contribute to a progressive jackpot pool, you should choose your online casino carefully. Small casinos usually have one or two slots with progressive jackpots. You need to look for high-profile websites with several dozens of progressive slots.     

How To Fulfill Wagering Requirements

The tricky thing is that each casino has its own wagering requirements in place. Be sure to read the bonus terms that usually contain exhaustive information on what you need to do to meet the wagering requirements. Keep in mind that releasing a bonus is a hard task. Prepare to spend lots of money and time making bets. Most players only manage to release a part of their bonus, so you should keep your expectations low.     

How To Withdraw Winnings From A Casino

To place a withdrawal request, go to the Checkout section in your personal area. Complete the required fields and send your request. Once it’s processed, the money will arrive to your card or e-wallet. Usually, a withdrawal request takes a few hours to process. Sometimes, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

What Games Should I Start With?

There is no one-fits-all answer to this question. Every game has its strong sides and advantages. For example, slots have high RTP rates, while video poker variations allow for using optimal strategies that increase your winning chances in a drastic way. Roulette boasts different types of bets, among which there are wagers with high winning chances. However, regardless of the game you choose, a casino will always have an advantage over you.