Cosmos and Luck in Gambling

Learn How Cosmos Impacts on Luck in Gambling

People are associated with the cosmos and all that is in it, inseparable invisible threads. This relationship has been discussed and explored for centuries. But, unfortunately, only one thing is obvious - such a relationship does exist. But the nature of this relationship, its depth and most importantly - its meaning, remain unsolved. If we consider it in more detail, it becomes clear that it is very difficult and diverse. It can even be said that this connection is not the only one; it consists of a chain of various kinds and occurs at various levels.

Interconnection at the physical level

This form of communication is obvious. Probably, it will not be a secret for anyone that humanity is directly located in the universe, namely, it lives here. Man is a part of the physical world, and therefore, cannot interact with him. By nature, we can see, hear, feel, talk, think, we have a sense of smell. To be more precise, we do receive information about the world that surrounds us, but also, we can process and comprehend it. The human brain is a thin device that not only interacts with the subtle universal energetic matter. But it is also capable of perceiving its smallest changes that occur there. Such fluctuations directly affect the thoughts and actions of a person. Based on this, we can clearly say that this is the way the reunion of all creatures that are able to think in one information system takes place. A person is also affected by external forces, such as attraction, heat, cold. And this indicates a close bilateral relationship.

It is true to say that the interrelationship of the human being with the cosmos does not end there - this is tantamount to equating the entire population of the Earth to the blind, deaf and dumb. There are many more difficult bonds that go far beyond the physical boundary. Although they are caused by a physical connection, unfortunately, cannot be explained only by its presence.

Influence of cosmos on the development of gambling

If you go back a few decades ago and analyze the situation, we will see that then in the late 90s of the 20th century the position of the stars affected the gaming industry. In 1995 a planet like Pluto entered the constellation Sagittarius. It is believed that it represents the dependence on the lottery and sweepstakes, it is a symbol of dependence, forcing people to act contrary to common sense. It was then that the rapid legalization of the gaming industry began. Pluto attracted almost everyone to sweepstakes and lotteries, and Sagittarius, in turn, was responsible for betting at casinos and sports. It was by joint efforts that the planet and the zodiac sign staged a gaming fever: casinos, slot machines, betting, and other gambling fun.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the reverse process began - at the legislative level, there was a ban on the activities of gambling establishments and online gambling sites. The astrologers explained this by saying that from 1995 to 2002 the planet Pluto was in the first half of Sagittarius, which accordingly activated the development of this business. And, since 2002, the planet has passed in the second half of the constellation, which led to the prohibition of the gambling business in any of its manifestations.

Cosmos and Luck in Gambling

Influence of the cosmos on man’s luck in gambling

Everyone knows that space consists of many stars, planets and various cosmic bodies. It has long been proven by such sciences as astronomy and astrology that planets and stars have a huge impact on earthly inhabitants and on the Earth itself in particular. But we - the people in the main mass, sincerely used to believe that we ourselves are the masters of our destiny. This opinion is mainly based on the fact that difficult life situations improve us, temper, make us stronger and, in our opposition to them, we tread the individual life path. But in order to fight, we should independently make a choice whether it is worth risking and resisting the circumstances, either go with the flow, engage in stock trading, or start gambling. The slogan of all winners is confidence, namely, belief in oneself and one’s own strength. In the absence of this powerful force that confronts the unknown, we will not be able to overcome our fears, complexes, anxieties.

Gambling is inherent risk. Depending on the situation at stake may be property, health, and sometimes life. In this regard, the risk increases physical stability in a person, while a powerful stream of adrenaline is emitted into the bloodstream, accelerating hemodynamics, physical and mental reactions. Astrologers claim that the risk is coordinated by the impulsive planet Mars.

Gambling is the main test of one’s own confidence. A person who takes the first step on the gambling path should be aware of and prepare for the fact that different consequences are possible. The truth here is extremely rarely at stake is human life, but still at great risk which is very expensive to man. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly distribute your energy in order to catch the wave of success and be patient and wait. And at the right time, each player, by virtue of his beliefs, risks, and acts, or retreats, taking a few steps back may change the future of own life. The game is very changeable and unpredictable, therefore, to play, you must have a sharp mind, and a sense of humor (humor and good mood always helps you to be positive and more relaxed). In fact, humor is a powerful force that many of us underestimate. In the most difficult moments, when absolutely everything is lost - a car, an apartment, a business, a summer house, humor can save even seemingly in the most desperate situations. Therefore, in terms of astrology, the changeable nature of gambling is coordinated by cheerful Jupiter, realizing his action through the constellation of Sagittarius.

Life is filled with opportunities and good chances. Based on the statements of astrologers, the sun reacts to the human reaction to sudden, momentous turns and unpredictable circumstances. Each astrological sign in their actions and exploits are guided by the power of one of the elements: fire, air, earth, and water.

The twelve houses that exist in astrology correspond to certain spheres of life. They are in harmony with the form of expression of your Sun Sign or contradict it. Suppose you were born under the constellation of Leo, and the Sun is in the ninth house, you will have an irresistible desire for gambling. Well, if you are Pisces with the Sun in the first house, you will have a fear of the enormous abundance of risk that you see every day, even though you have a desire to take more decisive actions deep inside.

Signs of the zodiac and luck in gambling

Astrologers often draw our attention to the fact that stars have a strong influence on human fates. And if you think and analyze, it becomes clear that this is true. At least sometimes they paid attention to the fact that there are people who really attract luck and money to themselves, and others, no matter how much titanic efforts they make, cannot boast of positive results.

Also, using astrology and having information in which house the Sun is in the natal chart, you can understand for yourself what kind of relationship will develop with the risk and gambling of all representatives of the zodiac signs. But the most important thing is not to forget that personal confidence and self-confidence play a significant role in the ability to manage one's own luck. The moral values learned as early as infancy, as well as those that were obtained throughout personal life through the whole life journey. They will constantly be exposed to the impact of the dwelling Sun in the natal chart on each of us.

Cosmos and Luck in Gambling

  • The sun in Aries - Aries is a complete embodiment of riskiness. There are many chances to get significant success in the gambling field of play, however, provided that they only have to be personally in possession, without being inspired by other people's monetary victories and not being carried away by gambling, where they all are not too lazy. It is necessary to make decisions and do things yourself. Exceptionally by such methods, you can really break a solid sum.
  • The sun in Taurus - a practical Taurus, of course, can visit gambling establishments, but only with the aim to look at the game of other players. Otherwise, the risk of being left without a penny in your pocket.
  • Sun in Gemini - Surface Gemini get a real excitement from gambling. Possessing ingenuity, they can make decisions with lightning speed, and a positive outcome for the face. But there is one drawback - they don’t get on time, stop, their gambling absorbs them completely and completely. And this can sometimes lead to adverse consequences.
  • Sun in Cancer - along with a great desire to preserve and protect their fortress and possessions, Cancer is located to the excitement and riskiness. This sign is ruled by a changeable moon, so his risk-taking mood is short-lived. But if you ventured to sit at the table, then turn on your seventh instinct in full and you can catch luck by the tail. True, we should not forget that your luck is short-lived, like the Moon, so make sure that the win is always converted into real money.
  • Sun in Leo - gaming excitement, in which you can easily lose Leo is interested in the least. He is more attracted to a steady return on investment.
  • Sun in Virgo - Virgo perfectly understands the value of money, and how it is earned, so the risk for instant enrichment is unacceptable. In their understanding, gambling is a waste of time.
  • Sun in Libra - Libra will not become great players, because riskiness is not their element. He brings them out of balance, and also requires significant emotional costs. And if by some miracle Libra will be at the gaming table, they will make minor bets, because they get more buzz from the strategies in the games, and not from the winnings themselves.
  • Sun in Scorpio - Scorpio is not eager to waste money on gambling. He likes to make money and save them.
  • The Sun in Sagittarius - Sagittarius governs the ninth house in the horoscope, which is closely intertwined with gambling. But one nuance, the game must be using the principles of mathematics, combinations, and permutations. There are chances to break the "jackpot", but this does not mean that it will always be like this.
  • The sun in Capricorn - thrifty Capricorns hardly ever allow themselves such a "luxury" as a gamble. For him, this is frankly a funny idea that has no meaning.
  • The sun in Aquarius - this zodiac sign will never fall victim to the gambling of the game, due to the fact that it really values the time to waste it so unceremoniously. He does not understand what riskiness is since he is patronized by another star from another galaxy.
  • The Sun in Pisces - Pisces is constantly overwhelmed by the idea of a light big jackpot and an irresistible desire to win, but it is better to stay away from the gaming tables and not to bet more than a dollar.

As can be seen, the power of the heavenly bodies affects the most diverse aspects of human life. We people are accustomed to think that we independently manage our own destiny, but it turns out that this is far from the case. How not cool, but the final word remains for the stars and space, in general.