How To Stop Being Afraid Of Gambling

Why are we afraid of online casinos? Common superstitions among players

The global gambling community would be larger if some gamblers overcame their fears and superstitions and started to explore online gambling. 

Most of the time, novice gamblers are worried about whether a casino plays fair and whether their money is safe. These fears are not groundless, especially if a casino is registered in another jurisdiction and owned by a foreign company. From a psychological point of view, it’s very hard to find the courage to trust an unknown gambling site.

How Not To Become A Victim Of A Rogue Casino

Unlike a land-based casino with its practical location, online casino is a just a web page on your computer screen. You can’t see your money in front of you on the table. You can see bulky security guys that ensure a safe gambling environment. You can’t see the dealers and whether they play according to the rules. 

The best way to avoid worries and doubts is to choose a big-name online casino with a license issued by a reputable gambling authority. For example, a British license has become a symbol of trust and reliability. If a casino has a license granted by a UK-based organization, you can rest assured that your gambling experience will go smoothly and you’ll get all the money that are owed to you.   

If you have no idea what casino to choose, you should check out major online bookmaker sites. Most of them have their own online casinos that you can trust.   

But there is even a better option. You can spend some time browsing through gambling sites and picking the best one.  

Why You Should Not Worry About Your Money In A Reliable Casino  

If you’re having nightmares about your bankroll disappearing into thin air, you should top up your casino account with small amounts of money. If you make a deposit with, say, a MasterCard, your data will safe because all financial transactions are protected through secure connections. And if you’re using an e-payment service as a deposit method, you won’t even have to enter your payment details. 

If you have questions regarding any casino-related issues, don’t hesitate to contact the user support. Professional casino employees are there to answer any of your questions, even those that you may consider silly. If, for some reason, the customer support failed to help you, you should contact the regulatory authority that issued the casino license. However, the absolute majority of problems is resolved immediately.  In a borderline situation, the casino will probably resolve the issue in your favor. No casino wants to put its reputation on the line.  

Online Casino Superstitions

Superstitions and beliefs are an essential part of online gambling. What gambler doesn’t want to catch luck and win a massive money prize? Each casino client has their favorite tricks and rituals they stick to. Let’s address the most common superstitions among casino aficionados. 

Online Slot Won’t Start

If your selected slot machine won’t start, this is a sure sign that today is not the best day to gamble.   Don’t tempt fate and switch to another slot or choose a totally different game (e.g., roulette or baccarat). 

By the way, this superstition has a quite rational explanation. If you’re having trouble starting a gaming app, this means that the program is flawed and needs to be checked by technical specialists. If you continue to play this slot, it may freeze during a spin and nullify your winnings. 

Coin Under A Heel

Some gamblers believe that a coin put under your heel can bring you luck. So remember to put a coin under your right or left slipper the next time you’re gambling at home. Who knows? Maybe it’s the only thing that separates you from a big win! 

Lengthy Losing Streak

There are days when you’re experiencing a loss after loss. It seems like luck turned its back on you. You feel frustrated and demotivated. 

Some gamblers believe that a losing streak is always followed by a winning streak and continue gambling. However, there are those who view it as a bad sign and prefer to quit gambling. Which way will you choose?

Betting On Your Lucky Numbers In Roulette

This is probably one of the most common superstitions. Long-time roulette fans have their lucky numbers they keep wagering on. If your Straight bet wins, you’ll get a whopping 1:36 payout, and this is a lot of money! Do you have your special numbers too?

Lucky Slots

Casino clients believe that some slot machines generate winning combinations more often than others. There are gamblers who devote all their free time to hunting after high-paying “one-armed bandits”. Despite all the rumors, there is no real proof that the lucky slots myth is actually true.

Newbies Always Win

It was noted that luck often sides with beginners. Indeed, novice players tend to win more than casino regulars. If you’re one of such novices, don’t be afraid to make big wagers. Luck will definitely be by your side!