How to play Blackjack

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There is no such a simple, understandable, but at the same time exciting Blackjack card game. Blackjack card game became available in casinos in the beginning of the 20th century, the game has gained immense popularity around the world, and still at this moment is one of the most favorite card games. However, before you sit down at the table and start winning, you must learn how to play Blackjack card game. Below you will find some useful tips, let BGAOC be your Blackjack trainer.The rules of blackjack card game are simple, and you can master them in a few minutes, and we will help you to understand how to play Blackjack card game. However, there are several types of blackjack, the rules of which are slightly different from each other. You can also play live blackjack card game with real dealers in live casinos. Please note that there are separate rules for live blackjack card game. You can read more about how to play Blackjack card game in live casinos on the relevant page.

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General Blackjack Rules - Blackjack Trainer

Each round of blackjack card game begins with the players make their bets, which are placed on special places, called boxes. On each table, the minimum and maximum bet rates are clearly indicated. To select the size of the bet, you need to click the chip icon with the desired nominal value. After all, bets are made, each player is dealt two cards face up, and the dealer deals himself one card face up (in European Blackjack) or two cards (one face-up, the second face down - in Atlantic City blackjack).

The player's task is to beat the dealer. To do this, you need to score more points than the dealer, but without exceeding 21 points. The player also wins if he scores less than 22 points, and the dealer has more than 21. If the player has scored 22 or more points, this is called busting. In this case, the player automatically loses his bet.

The player can take additional cards to score extra points. After all the players make their move, the dealer will complete the distribution, taking additional cards or not doing so. The dealer operates according to strict rules, which depend on the type of blackjack. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the variety you play, since your decisions depend on this in each hand. Also should be noted that there is a lot of different slot casino games dedicated to blackjack and other card games.

The best blackjack hand is called blackjack. For such a hand, the player receives the highest win (up to 3 to 2, depending on the blackjack variety). Blackjack is a combination of an ace and any other card worth 10 points (jack, queen, king or ten). These must be the first two cards dealt with you. Having received blackjack, you definitely will not lose. However, if the dealer also has blackjack, you will be tied.

In our how to play blackjack card game tutorial you can find out about how to play live blackjack as well. In Blackjack, tens, jacks, queens and kings are worth 10 points each. Ace can cost 1 or 11 points (depends on the situation and it's up to you to decide). For example, a combination of Ace and Four can give you 5 or 15 points. If an ace is worth 11 points, then the total amount is called "soft", that is, in the example above you will have a soft hand with 15 points. With a soft hand, the player can take another card or double the bet without risking to get busted.

How to play Blackjack and win

Winning in a blackjack card game after cards are dealt - usually pays out a win of 1 to 1 (also called "equal money"). That is, if you bet $20 and win a hand, you will receive plus $20 to your bet. If you win with blackjack, you will get your bet with a coefficient of 3 to 2, that is, plus $30 to your bet (if the dealer does not have blackjack as well).

If the dealer and you have the same number of points, the distribution of cards ends with a draw (also called a “push”). In this case, you simply get your bet back without additional winnings. In case of loss, your bet goes to the casino. Exceptions to these standard rules are described below, as well as on pages dedicated to specific types of blackjack games in our how to play blackjack guides and blackjack trainers.

Winnings are paid after the dealer makes his move. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of the variety in which you are going to play, in order to know when the dealer will take additional cards. This is important because it affects your actions. Before playing for real money in an online casino you need to understand the rules. One of these differences is the action of the dealer in the situation of the soft hand with 17 points. In some varieties, the dealer mostly stops gaining more cards when it has 17 points, and in others - take another card. In all variations of blackjack, the dealer takes the card for any hard or soft 16 or less.

Split, Doubling, and Surrender

Your actions in blackjack card games are not limited to the possibility of taking additional cards. In some situations, you will be able to perform other actions. It all depends on the first two cards dealt with you.
Possible situations include:

How to play Blackjack - Split

The best blackjack trainer is the game itself, you can try it for free in the relevant section of our website.

In fact, Split turns one hand into two and gives you more chances to win. When splitting into a new hand, the bet is equal to the initial one. Split is available in the following situations:

- The first two cards have the same value (king and ten, two sixes, etc.). Both hands are played independently of each other, that is, each of them wins, loses or draws separately from the other.
- In some varieties of blackjack, a split can be done several times.
- When splitting aces, additional restrictions may apply. In most varieties of blackjack, when splitting aces, it is allowed to take only one additional card, which reduces the chances of winning, as well as getting another opportunity to split a hand or double the bet.

How to play blackjack - Double down

By doubling your bet, you can increase your initial bet. This action is available only under certain conditions:

- After the first two cards have been dealt, the player can make an additional bet equal to the initial one and get exactly one additional card.
- At most of the online casinos, doubling the bet is available in all variations of blackjack, and with any first cards.
- In some varieties, doubling the bet can be done after the split. However, the following should also be considered:

- After splitting into two or more hands, doubling the bet may be available.
- In the case of doubling the bet after the split, the same rules apply as for the usual doubling.

How to play blackjack - Refusal of the game (surrender)

In some varieties of blackjack, a rejection of the game (or "surrender") is available. By choosing this action, you refuse to play further with your hand and get 50% of your bet. Don't forget to read our other pages and sections of the BGAOC website for more blackjack trainers and other games and guides.

How to play blackjack - game process
In each round of blackjack card game, several actions are available to you. Their availability depends on the cards received, as well as on the variety of blackjack. The following actions are below available in blackjack.

Draw a card (hit)
This action you are asking for an additional card. Cards are dealt one at a time. Remember that after receiving more than 21 points, you lose.

Enough is enough (stand)
If you have 21 points or less, you can no longer take additional cards, this action called Stand.

In some varieties of blackjack, it is possible to split a hand if the first two cards have the same value (two eights, jack and ten, etc.). This action creates a second hand and a bet equal to the initial one.

Doubling (double down)
You can make an additional bet equal to the initial one. After that, you will receive one card.

Refusal of the game (surrender)
In some varieties of blackjack, you can refuse to play further and get back half of your bet.

In some varieties of a blackjack card game, insurance is available to players, if the first dealer's card is an ace. Insurance means that you can bet half the initial bet and get a 2 to 1 win if the dealer has blackjack. If the dealer does not have blackjack, you will draw.

Equal money
If you have blackjack and an ace has come to the dealer, you can use a special type of insurance called "equal money". In this case, you will receive a 1: 1 win, regardless of whether the dealer receives blackjack. If you do not use "equal money", the distribution of cards will continue as usual.

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