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Sophia Sullivan

A huge popularity among players of different experiences, ages and preferences is enjoyed by free blackjack games. Without a doubt, for leadership in the world of card games - blackjack only competes with poker, and the secret of such popularity lies in the simplicity and unpredictability of the result. The ubiquitous recognition of the game has led to the fact that there is no a single online casino in the world which wouldn't have a game with classic free online blackjack. On this page you can play the Free Online Blackjack without any registration and restrictions as well, you also can find here help regarding how to play free blackjack online. RTP (return of the made bets) in this type of free blackjack online is one of the highest indicators among all casino games in the world - 99.6%.

Feedback from our game tester

I really liked this classic version of free online blackjack from Play'n'GO company. The game process is very fast. The cards are clearly visible, and the ability to play three boxes at the same time allows us to see more consecutive cards. Despite the fact that professional versions of free blackjack games look more impressive, the software setting in the classic version is softer and allows you to risk money with smaller amounts than in the pro version. I recommend all players to get acquainted with this free blackjack game, without registration and limitations.

Classic Blackjack Online for free

The classic Free Blackjack games from Play'n GO is somewhat outdated in terms of design and gameplay. Despite the fact that the process itself works perfectly, the graphic design and soundtracks in the new versions have moved far ahead. The main difference between the version of "classic free blackjack" and its "colleagues" is the possibility of playing three boxes at the same time. In this case, here you have insurance, doubling and split options. The refusal to continue the game for half of the bet (Surrender) is not provided in this type of gambling game.

Key features of the play of free blackjack online version:

  • The minimum-maximum number of boxes for the game is 1-3
  • Split - yes
  • Double - yes
  • Insurance - yes
  • Surrender - no
  • The minimum rate is 1
  • The maximum bet is 100
  • The winning percentage is 99.6%

Briefly about the rules

Free Blackjack from Play'n GO is very similar to the Russian card game — "21". And the main reason is the same - there is a treasured 21 number, around which the entire game is spinning. So how to play blackjack online? The player's main task is to get cards that symbolizes a certain number of points and form the total sum of 21. Since there is no choice, and the next card is determined only by the order, the next number obtained from adding the card can only be guessed, well, or predicted if you possess extrasensory abilities ;).

It is almost impossible to count the order of the card on a single hand, and the deck is mixed before each hand, so you wont find any tips about it in any "how to play blackjack online" articles, there is no winning strategies for this! At the same time, six to eight carefully shuffled decks used in the game. A small card from two to ten corresponds to its value, the king, the queen and the jack - 10 points each, but the ace can be interpreted by the player both as a 1 and as 11 points. The main winning combination is a pair of tens with an ace. It is called "blackjack" and this combination of cards is the one you should pray for during the game for free or for real money.


A game of three boxes. The dealer hands out two cards at once to the player and himself. If you are unlucky with the first two cards, you need to determine, if you have enough cards, or you can ask for one or more cards. The idea is to get as many points as possible to 21 and not to go over it. So, you just need to stop in time.

When you decide that the combination in one of your hands/boxes is optimal, you no longer "hit" the cards from dealer and just "pass" your turn. Now nothing depends on you: if the amount on the dealer's hand exceeds or is equal to yours - you lost, if he has less than you or more than 21 - you won! The dealer will always take more cards, up to 17 points.

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