Yokohama mayor remains neutral regarding casino-resorts

The mayor of Yokohama maintains a neutral position regarding casino-resorts

Yokohama is one of the main contenders for an integrated casino resort in Japan, however Mayor of Yokohama - Fumiko Hayashi remains neutral on this issue.

The head of the city confirmed hers neutral position again. The politician noted that today no decision has been taken to implement the project on the territory of the administrative center of Kanagawa Prefecture, despite the administration's request for information on this matter.

"I will listen to the opinions of experts before, and then I will take a calm, balanced decision," - she said and explained that the request for information had received the expected attention from the government.

22 companies showed interest, 9 of which are foreign operators of integrated resorts, which will submit reports and other documents between September 10 and 21.

Although mayor confirmed her neutral position, it is expected that she will come in defense of integrated casino-resorts, after all, this opinion she adhered before the start of the electoral process in early 2017. Along with Osaka, Nagasaki and Hokkaido, Yokohama is one of the main candidates for casino placement in the near future, as well as the only city in the territory of the state that has applied for information.

In the meantime, gambling operators are no less interested in Osaka Prefecture. They actively support cultural events, as well as provide assistance to victims of the disaster in the region.

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