Yggdrasil plans to upgrade casino with Sonya Blackjack

New game from Yggdrasil - Sonya Blackjack

Yggdrasil Gaming plans to upgrade the casino and presents its first desktop game - Sonya Blackjack.

The provider assured users that the product will open up wide opportunities for operators in the field of cross-selling. Sonya Blackjack presents a clear gameplay and a 3D dealer with motion capture technology, so that the user is completely immersed in the atmosphere of the game.

The product provides operators with complete personalization, including a dealer and more precise and immersive casino atmosphere.

Sonya Blackjack offers all the standard options, including insurance, a one-to-one bet, a split, a doubling after a split, and a number of special elements unique to the name.

One gaming table may hold up to three players, even more can participate by standing, and users can also watch everything online as observers.

Here is video captured from beta version of the game:

Krzysztof Opalka, CPO in Yggdrasil, noted:

"Yggdrasil has a reputation as a revolutionary, providing products that transform online casinos, and Sonya Blackjack is no exception. Since the presentation of our game at ICE, we have seen an incredible interest in it from the side of the industry. The gaming product has never been before so customer-oriented. Thanks to the 3D-modeling technology, operators have unlimited opportunities to create the atmosphere of a specific event and under a particular brand for a much smaller amount of money than with the participation of a live dealer."

The Sonya Blackjack game is developed on Yggdrasil's proprietary technology platform called REDUX, which combines the best features of live and RNG casinos using motion capture technology to simulate dealer movements.

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