Wakayama plans to open a casino resort in 2024

Wakayama plans to open a casino resort in 2024

Officials in Wakayama Prefecture are so confident that they will be able to obtain a license to build an integrated casino resort that they have planned an approximate opening date for the first establishment.

Meanwhile, Japan systematizes the rules of the gambling business.

A Japanese news agency reports that Wakayama officials announced the opening of an integrated resort in 2024. It will be located in Wakayama Marina City, a prefectural area with a developed infrastructure. It is planned that the district will allocate $1.8 million next year to finance a number of activities related to the launch of an integrated resort. Including research related to the organization of the work of complex resorts.

Most experts are of the opinion that the prefecture will receive licensing. In addition, Wakayama Marina City is a good location in terms of logistics and infrastructure. In addition to a wide range of diverse tourist attractions, the location of the city near Kansai International Airport is also well located. Officials believe that the launch of the Wakayama casino resort should coincide with the opening of the integrated resort in Osaka. It is believed that integrated resorts will contribute to attracting at least 4 million tourists annually. And the regional budget will be replenished by $2.75 billion.

However, there is a negative aspect - Wakayama is geographically located very close to Osaka, where everyone predicts a license. The government may consider it wrong for the business development to be close to each other in terms of gambling operations.

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