US casinos have earned more than $40 billion in 2017

The casinos of US brought a lot of money into the states treasury

The report of the American Gambling Association (AGA) showed that last year casinos became the generator of incomes of the US industry market.

According to official figures, commercial casino operators earned $40.28 billion over the past year. At the same time, the state received $9.23 billion in taxes and fees.

Twenty gambling sites demonstrated steady growth in revenues in 2017. The AGA associated it with the country's macroeconomic trends and the permanent employment of the population.

According to AGA, the American casino industry is estimated at about $261 billion. It employs approximately 1.8 million people.

After the legalization of sports betting in the US, international bookmakers rushed to the local market. Each of them wants to be a leader. Many deals have already been made in the field of bookmaking. The economic effect of the industry is expected to be around $26 billion per year.

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