Universal Ent improves investor engagement

Universal Ent will improve investor engagement and provide additional data

The Japanese gaming company Universal Entertainment reported that they will make changes in the way investors interact, because of the potential of the Japanese gaming industry.

The company promises to provide investors, including Tiger Resort and Leisure and Entertainment, with additional data:

  • the report for the third quarter of this fiscal year;
  • about profit before taxes and depreciation;
  • about key indicators of quarterly implementation of the main activities.

Universal Entertainment founder Kazuo Okada is trying to regain control of the company, but he has a lot of disagreement with the company's team. The Tokyo Bar Association acted as an auditor for 12 months, accusing Kazuo Okada of various violations, including work on an invalid contract. However, in the absence of sufficient evidence, the charges were dropped.

Recall that Kazuo Okada was worried about falling stock prices at Universal Entertainment Corp after his return to the post of head of the Japanese conglomerate he founded.

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