Unclaimed casino winnings have become part of the Jackie Chan film budget

The New South Wales Society Development Foundation, Australia, donated $602,295 to the film of 2017 - Bleeding Steel. The film starred martial arts master Jackie Chan.

If it comes to unclaimed money left in a casino, the local government has free rein. When a player does not pick up a prize in a gambling establishment, these funds are sent to a special fund - the Foundation for the Development of Society, which is managed by the regulator of gambling in the country. Practically the only condition for spending such funds, according to the law, is their use for public benefit.

So, from 2014 to 2016, the fund invested $2.36 million in 52 projects. Most of them, unlike the film with Chinese celebrities, were really useful to society. With the money of the foundation they dug out the school and restored the memorial.

Recall that Australia is tightening the rules for gambling advertising. The ban on broadcasting relevant content during the show of sports events from 5:00 to 20:30 came into force on March 30.

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