UKGC seeks to help small gambling operators

Small gambling operators will receive help from UKGC

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) will hold a series of "Manchester Seminars" aimed at helping nationwide small licensed gambling operators to increase responsibility, comply with safety standards and consumers protection.

UKGC will launch its program of seminars for small, resource-limited UK operators working in the bingo and betting sectors. The events will be held in the Central Library with the support of the Manchester Council.

The Specialized Program will focus on general conclusions on compliance with the requirements for fighting against money laundering and assisting problem players, using self-exclusion programs, as well as risk assessments for local operators.

"The raising of standards in the entire gambling industry is at the heart of our latest strategy to create an effectively regulated gambling market that works for consumers. These seminars are an excellent opportunity for us to interact with smaller operators on an individual basis and once again emphasize the importance of companies that specialize in gambling being serious about the requirements for fighting against money laundering and social responsibility," - commented Helen Venn, executive director of licensing in the Commission on Gambling.

In addition, UKGC asked interested parties in the industry to express their views on protecting children and ensuring the integrity and safety of gambling. The Commission proposes new guidelines, which imply the introduction of more stringent rules for identifying the age of players when accessing online casino sites and free content.

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