UKGC is developing a new set of standards for consumer protection

UKGC want to make best standards for consumers protection

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has published a set of new standards and recommendations for handling consumer complaints that are intended to improve the industry’s alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes.

The document will be fully prepared and will enter into force on October 31.

The provisions of ADR introduced in 2015 allow consumers to challenge the actions of gambling operators without going to court, offering mediation in resolving disputes and making decisions by an independent third party.

Now UKGC seeks to simplify the ADR processes so that it is easier for British consumers to access information about resolving disputes and to understand the position of the gambling operators.

The UKGC sets out new guidelines for handling complaints through ADR mechanisms, which include:

  • types of consumer complaints that ADR providers can take on;
  • rules for the appointment of compensation;
  • quality standards for decisions;
  • conflicts of interest;
  • information and services that providers provide to customers;
  • data that providers share.

Jan Angus, director of the Consumer Protection and Empowerment Program, said: “The standards published today are aimed at simplifying the existing procedures for filing consumer complaints and ensuring fair, timely, transparent and efficient processing. Improved standards will also help ensure customer confidence and confidence in the gaming industry. Standards will come into force on October 31, along with further changes that provide more reliable consumer protection and fair treatment by operators.

Earlier, the British gambling regulator tightened the rules for gambling advertising.

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