UKGC fined Rank Group for €570 thousand

UK Gambling commission fined Rank Group gambling operator for  €570 thousand

Rank Group was fined by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) for not complying with gambling rules.

Rank Group was forced to pay €570 thousand for non-compliance with the rules in relation to the protection of players suffering from gambling addiction. The incident is related to a client who played gambling at the Grosvenor casino owned by the Rank Group.

The UKGC investigation revealed that Rank Group ignored signs of gambling addiction in a client. The company also contacted him when he voluntarily refused to play, and did not set a limit on the provision of credit for him. As a result, during the day the client lost £1 million, which were credited to his account.

Richard Watson, UKGC Executive Director, commented:

We hope that all operators will be interested in protecting any client who may experience problems with gambling addiction. Operators should not think that VIP clients have no difficulty in fighting against gambling addiction. Regardless of the financial capabilities of gamers, operators still need to effectively control their game to make sure that they show no signs of addiction. And, of course, it is inappropriate to contact the client when he voluntarily refuses to play. The penalty would be much higher if Rank Group did not admit its guilt and did not help the investigation.

According to the regulator's reports, in 2017, UKGC fined gambling operators for a total of $23.6 million for non-compliance with work standards.

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