UKGC fined gambling companies for $23 million

Gambling companies of UK fined for

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) reported that during the past year, fined representatives of the gambling sector for $ 23.6 million £18 million ($23,6 million).

For the period from May 2017 'till April 2018, the amount of penalties increased by £1.6 million, according to the report of the regulator. This report also included various case studies and examples demonstrating the possible penalties applicable to offending companies. Thus, at 888 Holdings a fine of £7.8 million was imposed for shortcomings in dealing with vulnerable customers.

Commenting on the report, the executive director of UKGC Neil MacArthur said that the purpose of the regulatory body is "to protect consumers and the general public", as well as "raising standards in the gambling industry."

"We want the operators to pay attention to the examples outlined in this document, so they will focus on the opportunity to make gambling more fair and safe for British consumers. We want the operators to cooperate and invest the same amount of resources, technologies and research into creating a secure gaming environment for customers, as well as creating new products or advertising and marketing campaigns", MacArthur said.

He also noted that UKGC seeks to create conditions in which operators will put the interests of consumers above their own and will be open for cooperation.

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