UKGC calls on gambling industry to raise standards

UKGC want to improve standards of gambling business

Chairman of the regulatory body of Great Britain William Moyes called on the industry to step up as part of the implementation of a new strategy aimed at solving certain problems of the gambling sector.

During the discussion of the annual report, Moyes noted that the 2018 will be the year of even more significant changes in the local market. According to the chairman of the UKGC, this year the changes will be even more drastic, since the regulator intends to change its approach to the industry. The official added that the strategy will be aimed at improving the analysis of issues that need to be addressed in order to work out a fair attitude to the client.

The chairman of the UKGC explained that he intends to protect the interests of consumers, prevent negative impact on customers and society as a whole, raise standards in the gambling market, increase the collection for charity from lotteries and improve the methods by which the Commission regulates the sector.

"We have outlined grandiose plans for the coming year, as well as for the entire period of the implementation of our three-year strategy. We can not handle it ourselves. We need long-term cooperation with other regulatory bodies, representatives of consumer organizations and government. And most importantly, we need the sector to become more active and start working to raise standards and reduce the risk of negative consequences. Our main task at the moment is to help the industry in raising standards, as well as in creating a more safe gambling for everyone" - Moyes added.

Over the past year, the UKGC regulatory body has fined gambling companies for a total of $ 23.6 million for various violations of the rules of the gambling industry.

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