TWITCH and Gambling streams - just a tool for promotion

TWITCH and Gambling streams - just a tool for promotion, no real wins

Video streams with the help of such famous services as Twitch, were not created solely for broadcasts of e-sports events. Streams with games in online slots have gained incredible popularity and can now offer a new development model for online casinos.

Speaking of creating a new online casino brand, more recently there were not so many ways to develop it and create a steady flow of visitors. But today the streams can change the course of events.

On platforms like Twitch, most of the streams are dedicated to e-sports. Of the 10 most popular channels, 9 are devoted to the broadcasts of games such as CS: GO, DotA2 and League of Legends.

Why gamblers watch streams of other people's games?

The prospect of acquiring hundreds of viewers has not escaped the field of view of the leaders of the casino industry and even the streamers themselves. Now on the services of YouTube and Twitch you can find a lot of channels that broadcast their game in an online casino. They allow users to observe how the stream host is testing various games. This allows real-time understanding of the principle of the game, while you not spending even a penny.

The most famous name in the field of streaming casino games - Casinodaddy. This channel is led by the brothers Eric, Anton and Matthias Joelson. Each of them is a big fan of slots. Therefore, when the brothers decided to try themselves in the stream, it did not take long to think about the choice of the channel's theme.

The main element of the stream is socialization. Mathias explained this as follows:

"Casino players are usually far apart from each other, just like they are far from the casino representatives. When we meet together in a Twitch chat during a broadcast, we can feel ourselves as a part of the community. We do not want gambling to be solitary, a hobby for singles. It's always been a big problem in the community, we want everyone to feel like they are part of something more, this hobby does not force you to be isolated, that's the real magic of gambling streams."

Why casino operators need these game streams?

Possibility of broadcasting gambling games and attracting a new audience is incredibly successful for operators. A lot online casino owners look at the Twitch platform as a reliable partner for joint development. Operators believe that the broadcasts of the live casino games gives a certain level of users trust to the operator.

Paul Kalleja, one of the chief managers of the OVO casino, refers to streamers as partners:

"In general, hundreds of viewers of the stream can interact not only with each other via chat, but also with the streamer." This interaction is very beneficial for us, because the streamer acts as a casino brand-ambassador, tells the details about all the new bonuses, explains the general rules of the game in various applications and tells about how to make a deposit or withdraw your money from your account in the online casino. If, briefly, the main advantage of Twitch is the ability to form an opinion about the brand in real time."

Another thing that attracts operators - the scene of casino-streaming has just begun its development. Most of this content is created by a small group of people. This allows the operators themselves to stand up to the origins and form a completely new audience for their products. According to the data published on the portal of Statisa, about 40% of Twitch viewers are men and women from 21 to 35 years old. It is this demographic layer that many casino platforms are trying to attract.

And if we add here the fact that casino-streaming has just begun to develop, the operators have great opportunities.

Kalleja explains:

"The number of viewers in Twitch channels grows every month. It is also very important to establish a trustful relationship between the streamer and his viewers. Subscribers, donators and well-known brands reinforce the credibility of the channel."

"Some operators fear that their products will be presented on the wrong side. But, in the end, the streamer's base is formed on the basis of his truthful judgments about available online games. An awkward relationship with operators can be avoided if you communicate closely with them."

"Streamers and operators have a very special relationship that goes beyond the usual cooperation, they must communicate very closely to avoid any possible misunderstanding. The player wants to find a brand that can be trusted, which means that his opinion and desire to register and play, in many ways will depend on the judgments expressed on the Twitch channel in one way or another."

"There are many ways to ensure the honesty and loyalty of the streamer that cooperates with the brand. Our company does not take everyone in our team. To cooperate with our brand, the streamer must meet many criteria. Our selection process makes sure that all our brand advertising - honest and truthful. Also on each broadcast in the chat there are several representatives of the company who ask the streamer questions that may arise from the audience."

How do streamers and casinos cooperate?

Casino-streamers - excellent partners for operators. Their broadcasts are watched by viewers which already interested in slots, so the they want to know which online gambling resource is trusted and which is not. Therefore, traffic from these channels is often better, with a higher level of conversion and deposits than traffic from other types of marketing.

Cooperation with streamers is carried out according to the standard scheme, with the help of a commission established by the operator. However, Kalleja distinguishes some features:

"Streamers offer viewers more advantageous offers, therefore, the more they visit the channel, the more bonuses they will get. This model of cooperation has become a novelty for us. It differs from the SEO model that attracted users with unique text content."

Social interaction between the streamer and the viewer is one of the reasons for the popularity of such broadcasts. They can ask the streamer to test a specific application and immediately get an answer and even some tips. Operators can independently write similar requests to the chat room to promote specific products.

Streams of online casino are incredibly beneficial for the industry as a whole. Gamblers get the right information, streamers - their interest in the program of cooperation, and casinos - get interest in new players. It is not yet known whether such streams will reach the same popularity as the broadcasts of poker or eSports events, but for now all the conditions say that Twitch can be an excellent tool for promotion of online gambling.