Trump personally lobbied interests of the Sands company

Trump personally lobbied interests of the Sands company regarding getting a license in Japan

According to ProPublica, US President Donald Trump advised Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to pay attention to the Las Vegas Sands application for a Japanese casino license.

In February 2017, Abe arrived in Washington, where he spoke with the head of the Sands casino-empire Sheldon Adelson on the issue of obtaining a Japanese casino license. A little later, the Prime Minister of Japan met with Trump. According to media reports, the American president strongly recommended Abe to consider the application of the Sands company.

"The Japanese government may allow us to apply for the construction of more than one casino resort," - said Adelson two months after the meeting.

Representatives of Sands reported that the main advantage of the company when entering the Japanese market was a significant experience in the Asian gambling industry.

Japanese media, in turn, reported that during a meeting with Abe, the US president recommended another American operator. Presumably, this is either MGM Resorts or Wynn Resorts.

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