There was no suitable place on land for floating casinos in India

Government of Goa still cant find a suitable place for floating casinos

Minister of Goa said that the government still did not find a suitable place to move floating casinos on land.

Chief Minister of Goa Manohar Parrikar said that at the moment the search is still being conducted for the most suitable location for the transfer of offshore floating casinos which is operating on the Mandovi River.

Within the framework of the MLA Congress, he gave details of the plans for moving the casino.

"The government decided to move the gambling establishments from Mandovi, but so far an alternative place for their location on land has not been found and the issue is still open."

Moreover, Parrikar said that the new gambling committee will be appointed to regulate the casino industry after December 2018

Back in May, six onshore and five offshore casinos paid annual royalties to the Government of India in amount of $ 29.9 million.

In the meantime, gambling operators in Goa have decided to expand the range of offered gambling services in land-based establishments in order to compensate the increase in licensing fees.

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