There are almost no online gamblers in Mexico

According to recent polls, 78% of citizens in Mexico are not interested in gambling, and only 0.8% of respondents reported having an account on online gambling sites.

Last week, a new review of the attitude of the Mexican society to gambling was released. “Luck, Gambling, and Other Hazards” was published by the Law Institute of California State University in collaboration with the recently disbanded Coderre Foundation.

The survey says that more than 85% of respondents either disagree or strongly disagree with the statements “gambling for lazy people” or “gambling is a sin”. Despite the lack of stigma associated with gambling, only 21% of respondents reported participation in gambling. It turned out that more than 78% of respondents are not interested in gambling.

In addition, only 0.8% of respondents reported having an account on online gambling sites. Interestingly, respondents who play online gambling from 25 to 30 years old, they mostly have a bachelor's degree and receive a higher income than most Mexicans.

It can be assumed that many other respondents are active online players, but simply do not want to admit that they play on unlicensed sites.

Mexican land-based casino operators have not yet earned their millions, since only 16.4% of the participants in the social survey reported visiting institutions.

The most popular forms of gambling in Mexico are those that can be played at home with family or friends. National lottery ranked second, followed by slot machines. The casino and bingo halls ranked fourth, and various types of sports betting ranked fifth.

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