The US gambling market is expected to continue to grow

The US gambling market is expected to continue to grow

US players spent about $116.9 billion in 2016, and this figure is expected to continue to grow as adult high-income users are increasingly addicted to gambling.

Americans rank fifth in terms of gambling per capita. According to a gambling news source report and the Wizard of Odds online casino, two years ago, adult US gamblers spent an average of $400 on gambling. The state of Nevada becomes their main destination. The amount of profit received by operators from American and foreign visitors amounted to about $11.1 billion. This brought the American nation to about fifth place in the ranking of the countries most involved in gambling. In the "honorable" first five next to the United States - Australia, Singapore, Ireland and Finland. This is followed by the United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, New Zealand and Canada.

The reasons for the popularity of gambling

The Wizard of Odds reports that increased gambling involvement was in part due to the improved economic situation after the 2007 recession. In the United States, the average hourly wage is now $22.89, which is 3% more than last year, and 27% higher than it was a decade ago.

Another possible reason for the growing popularity of gambling in the United States can be considered as variety of terrestrial and online offers on the market. Earlier, in order to take part in gambling, Americans had to visit Nevada or Atlantic City. Now they can also visit commercial and tribal casinos in every state, except Tennessee, Utah, Kentucky, Hawaii, South Carolina, Virginia and New Hampshire.

Recall that on May 14 of 2018, the Supreme Court voted to repeal the law on the protection of professional and amateur sports of 1992 (PASPA), thereby giving states the opportunity to create laws to legalize and license sports betting.

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