The United States will address the problem of Lootboxes distribution

The United States will address the problem of Lootboxes distribution

After a serious controversy arose in Europe over the Lootboxes, which, according to experts, are the prototype of gambling, the US Federal Trade Commission announced its intention to conduct an appropriate investigation.

The Belgian regulators provoked a serious discussion around the topic of the Lootboxes. In their opinion, such entertainment is a propaganda of gambling among children. As a result, Lootboxes were banned. This measure has been discussed among regulators around the world. As a result, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced its intention to conduct its own investigation and find out whether the Lootboxes are analogous to gambling and how children perceive this entertainment.

Lootboxes have gained widespread popularity in the video game industry and are present in a lot of different apps, from gaming applications for smartphones to the latest high-budget (AAA titles) releases of computer and video games,” - said initiative author Senator Maggie.

According to her, it's time for the FTC to investigate this issue in order to provide effective protection for children.

Recall: this year the Australian Senate conducted its own investigation, as a result of which a link was established between the lootboxes and gambling.

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