The UK will analyze the relationship of gambling and lootboxes

The UK will analyze the relationship of gambling and lootboxes

Members of the UK Parliament intend to explore the potential link between computer and gambling. This decision was preceded by an active discussion of whether it is possible to equate lootboxes to gambling.

The distinction between gambling and computer games has become a topic for long debates of experts from around the world. This was the reason why the committee of the House of Commons of Great Britain announced its intention to study the trends of modern technologies, since there are a number of assumptions that they may be associated with gambling.

The investigation will be conducted by the Committee on Digital Technologies, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), which will pay special attention to the study of lootboxes. To get this gift box, gamers need to pay money.


"There are many industries that are rapidly developing, such as eSports and gambling, in which the UK is considered to be the world leader," - said the head of the committee Damian Collins.

He believes that the investigation will help develop appropriate regulations in the future.

We will see what actions need to be taken. Technologies such as virtual and augmented reality are already an important asset for the film industry, simulation and games. We want to know more about their potential and the future impact they can have on society,” – Damian Collins added.

Collins explained that during recent investigations, the committee received information about how much time people spend playing computer games. These problems will be investigated during the next research.

While many countries are banning lootboxes, Ireland, meanwhile, is in no hurry to follow their example. David Stanton, Minister of Justice and Equality of Ireland, believes that the declaration of the European Forum for the Regulation of Gambling (GREF) has no legal force.

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