The player lost a cash prize of hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Taiwan customs

Sad story happened to the casino player at the Taiwan customs - he lost around half a million of USD

The Taiwanese player tried to cross the border with hundreds of thousands of dollars, not notifying about his winnings to local customs officers.

On August 29, the Taiwan Central Information Agency reported a sad story of a player named Huang who went to several South Korean casinos, but faced Taiwan's stringent rules for transporting cash across the border.

Huang told the customs officers about $15,400 that he had with him, but did not tell about 408.8 million South Korean won ($368,500) and 473,000 Thai baht ($14,500) that he had in his suitcase. Customs agents who examine his baggage found hidden money, which took two hours to count.

Huang claimed that he misunderstood the Taiwanese law on the control of money laundering and considered that foreign currencies such as South Korean won and Thai baht were exempt from the declaration process. However, customs officials told him the opposite. The prize was confiscated.

Huang is an online blogger who teaches people how to win at a casino. This led to the fact that he was blacklisted by hundreds of casinos around the world.

Huang is not the only one who gives lessons in playing casino skills. Doyle Brunson, known throughout the world as the "legend of poker", said that he intends to teach players professional poker, despite his age.

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