The number of self-exluded players in Macau casinos greatly increased

The list of self-excluded players in Macau increased by 34% in the first half of the year

In the first six months of 2018, the Macau authorities received 233 requests for listing on the list of persons who are prohibited from visiting the casino.

The number of applications for the same period of the previous year was 179. In general, in 2017, the Macau government received 376 requests for a ban on visiting casinos. This number has become a record for Macau since the introduction of self-exclusion in November 2012.

All this happened due to applications from third parties, such as family members, reported in the Bureau of Gambling and Coordination of Macao. According to the current rules, applicants are required to agree in writing to add themselves to the list of self-excluded players, regardless of whether they submit the application themselves or the initiative was shown by family members.

By law, anyone can apply for inclusion in the list of persons who are prohibited from visiting gambling establishments (several or all) in the territory of Macau. The maximum period of exclusion is two years, but it can be extended. The violator of the ban faces a fine or imprisonment for a period of one year.

State employees of Macao are already prohibited from visiting gambling establishments because of their professional activities. The only exception is the Chinese New Year celebration.

Also should be noted that Legislative Assembly of Macau in the first reading approved a bill that prohibits casino employees from visiting gambling establishments outside of working hours.

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