The number of fines for smoking in Macau increased

The number of fines for smoking in Macau increased

Last year, Macau changed its policy on smokers, banning smoking in several public places, including casino buildings. However, the number of fines issued for violating the rules of smoking continues to grow.

At the end of last month, 1,431 people were fined for smoking on the territory of prohibited zones in Macau casinos. During the same period last year, 779 people were fined.

From January to October (2018), a total of 725 casino inspections were conducted with the assistance of the Bureau of Health. This is 165 inspections more than in the first 10 months of the previous year.

The bureau reports that most of the incidents occurred at the same casinos, including Sands Macao. Gaming facilities are operated by Sands China Ltd., a division of Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Smoking in the casino was first banned in October 2014, however special smoking rooms were provided that were not equipped with gaming tables and slot machines. Last year, the policy was changed in favor of organizing smoking in VIP-rooms and entered into force in January 2018. However, a grace period was introduced, postponing the launch date until January 1, 2019, to give the casino time to organize VIP lounges for smokers.

Last month, the Macau Legislative Assembly passed a bill aimed at combating the problem of smoking. The meeting agreed with the principles of “non-smoking” in the framework of the future operation of the cross-border rail transport system (LRT). According to the principles, there will be a ban on smoking on railway platforms or in the cabin of transport. Violators will be subject to a fine of $ 185.

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