The new governor of Wakayama supports construction of the casino resort

The new governor of Wakayama supports construction of the casino resort

The governor of the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama, Yoshinobu Nisaku, who advocated the idea of locating an integrated resort, was re-elected for the fourth time.

The only opponent of the new governor, Masayoshi Hatanaka, who was nominated by the Communist Party of Japan, opposed the placement of an integrated resort, citing concerns about the problems that may arise in connection with the presence of gambling in the prefecture.

During his re-election campaign, Yoshinobu Nisaku announced that an integrated resort in Wakayama would stimulate local tourism and revitalize the economy of the prefecture.

Among 307,367 votes in the election of the governor of Wakayama, 246,303 were given for Nisaku and only 61,064 for Hatanaka.

Announcing the victory, Nisaku announced that he would try to convey to the public the positive aspects of placing a casino in the prefecture, and to explain that potential negative consequences could be prevented.

In May, at a conference in Tokyo, Nisaku announced that a 40-hectare artificial island called Marina City could be allocated for the construction of an integrated resort in Wakayama.

It is reported that the project will be designed and built with 2500 hotel rooms and a conference room with an area of 50,000 square meters. According to official data, the project budget will be $2.6 billion, and the projected payback period is 9 years. Marina City is approximately 40 kilometers from the main regional aviation hub, Kansai International Airport.

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