The most popular hotels in Macau is the five star hotels

Tourists of Macau prefer five star hotels during their vacation

Between January and March, five-star hotels in Macau registered the largest average annual growth in the number of visitors, as well as the highest level of occupancy, despite rising prices for rooms.

A separate set of data from the State Administration of Tourism of Macau showed that the average cost of a room in 3-5-star hotels in the same period increased by 5.7%, reaching MOP 1,329 thousand ($164.54). The tax deductions from representatives of the gambling sector of the city continue to grow.

The average level of occupancy of hotels in Macao in the first five months of 2018 was 89.3%, which is 4.4% higher than the same period of the previous year. With regard to five-star hotels, then for the five months to May 31, it increased by 6.7%, and reached 91.6%.

Average stay time of guests who stayed in high-class hotels is 1.7 days, which is slightly higher than the average for all hotels in Macao (1.5 days).

In the first five months of 2018, the number of hotel guests increased by 8.2%, to 5.71 million people. During the same period, four-star hotels in Macau recorded a 3.1% increase in visitors, which as a result reached 90.4%. This is the second highest level of occupancy among all categories of hotels.

In May, the total number of operating rooms in hotels of Macau was 38 600, showing an increase of 6.4% per annum. About 61% of them are rooms of the 5 stars category.

In May, the average level of occupancy of five-star and four-star hotels was fixed at 90%, which is higher than the average occupancy rate of all hotels in Macau, which is 87.5%. During the May holidays, related to the Labor Day, the number of visitors to Macao was 2.57 million, which is 3.7% higher than the same period of the previous year.

In the period from January to May, the average cost of a room in a five-star hotel in the city stayed at 1.643 patacas, which is 2.7% higher than in the same period of the previous year; At the same time, 4-star hotels observed an increase in the average cost per room to 814.2 patacas.

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