The Macau Government wants to get the right to forcefully close any casino

The Government of Macau want to make new law regarding right to forcefully close any casino

The Macau authorities are planning to adopt a series of laws that will enable them to suspend the operation of the casino in the event of an emergency.

The government of the administrative district is concerned about the shortcomings of the system of protecting the civilian population of the city during the state of emergency. The issue was submitted for public discussion.

At the moment there is no specific law that gives the authorities the right of full and unquestioning suspension of the casino. At the same time, Macao operators do not obstruct local authorities. During the typhoon of Mangkhut, which raged last week, all six concessionaires unanimously agreed to close the doors of their facilities. As an inevitable result - the value of the shares of casino operators fell by 3%, and in September they lost $180 million.

Last week, Lionel Leong, secretary for economic and financial affairs of Macau, said that it is too early to talk about introducing this bill into the civilian protection system. He added that the executive director is not authorized to issue a decree on exceptional measures to close casinos, as was done during typhoon.

However, Leong appreciated the coordinated work of casino operators during the typhoon Mangkhut, which ensured the safety of employees and guests of institutions.

After the disaster, the leading operators delegated their employees to the cleaning of the territories.

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