The involvement of the people of the Netherlands in gambling has increased by 20%

The involvement of the people of the Netherlands in gambling has increased by 20%

Over the past two years, the rate of involvement in online gambling in the Netherlands has increased by 20%, despite the fact that gambling industry is not legalized in the country.

New data released by Motivaction International, an independent research and consulting agency, suggests that approximately 1.86 million Dutch citizens (with a population of only 17 million) participated in some form of unauthorized gambling. The results are based on an activity analysis in 2018.

In 2018 indicator represents an increase in the number of online casino players by more than 300 thousand since the last Motivaction survey in 2016. According to Motivaction estimates, the total volume of the unauthorized online gambling market last year was €592 million. The indicator remained almost unchanged compared to 2016.

The survey, which took place in November last year, was attended by 15 thousand respondents aged from 18 to 80 years. The study was conducted by the state-owned monopoly casino - Holland Casino. 38% of respondents said that in one form or another they take part in gambling, and 18% openly admitted that they play online.

The most popular are bets on sports and bingo - about 9% of respondents prefer these types of gambling. 7% of respondents play online poker, and 8% of Dutch people are fascinated by online casinos.

The overwhelming majority of respondents said that they would willingly take part in the legalized gambling market. Most of all, the Dutch would like to legitimize betting operations - 66% of respondents.

On February 5, the Senate of the Netherlands plans to discuss the remote gambling bill, which has been postponed for two years. On February 12th a vote may take place.

The Netherlands gambling regulator plans to develop and introduce innovative methods to combat illegal online gambling. Recently, Kansspelautoriteit approved new rules for online gambling.

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