The government of Osaka guarantee security for the construction of the casino resort

The authorities guarantee the security of the island for the construction of a casino in Osaka

Osaka's key infrastructure, the authorities of which are actively preparing for the construction of the IR, is fully suited to accommodate the casino resort. Such a statement was made by senior officials of one of Japan's largest cities.

Within the first wave of legalization of casinos in Japan, for the next year, locations for three such objects in the country will be determined. Osaka regularly spoke in support of the construction of integrated resorts. However, the recent typhoon that swept through the neighboring Kansai region forced management to think about security on the territory of the IR.

In particular, officials are concerned about the security of the Yumeshima artificial island and the land reclamation scheme in the Osaka Bay, which was reserved by the local government for the integrated resort project.

Osaka's Prefecture Governor Ichiro Matsui and Mayor of Hirofumi Yoshimura used social networks to appease citizens.

"On the island of Yumeshima, Expo 2025 is planned to be held, as well as the construction of an integrated resort. The location is absolutely safe, no floods threaten the island, because it is 9 meters above sea level," - Mayor of Osaka noted.

Yoshimura also added that the height of the wave provoked by the recent typhoon was 3.3 m. According to him, this is the maximum height.

"Yumeshima Island is completely safe. It is quite high above sea level. The government is engaged in eliminating the consequences and taking measures to restore the international airport of Kansai," - said the governor.

There is some uncertainty about how many cities in Japan actually want to place a casino-resort on its territory. Last week it turned out that about 94% of the residents of Yokohama - the second largest city in Japan by population - have expressed a negative attitude about the idea of building an integrated resort.

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