The government council will review the issue of land lease in Manila by Landing Company

Issue of the land lease in Manila will be reviewed by Landing Company

The Philippine Ministry of Justice ordered the Office of the Government's Corporate Council to revise the land lease agreement between the Nayong Pilipino Foundation (NPF) and the investor of the casino resorts Landing International Development Ltd.

Instructions on this were received week ago from the head of state Rodrigo Duterte.

The presidential press secretary on Tuesday said that Dutterte had dismissed the entire board of directors of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation. NPF an agency controlled by the Philippine government, leased land for the Landing Resorts Philippines Development Corp., a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Landing International. Construction of the facility is planned in the territory of Entertainment City, which is located in the capital of the Philippines - Manila.

Minister of Justice Menardo Guevara ordered the Office of the Corporate Council of the Government to immediately review all the necessary facts, to reevaluate and consider all contracts, agreements and other documents relevant to the land lease contract.

"The dismissal of Nayong Pilipino Foundation Board members, does not affect the project implementation process," - Guevara added.

Information about the president's decision to dismiss the board of directors of NPF appeared during the ceremony of starting the construction of a casino project, the cost of which will be $1.5 billion.

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