The GGR of Macau is not affected by the typhoon

The Macau's GGR index rises, Despite the Disaster in September

According to the data released by the Macao gambling regulator DICJ, the gross gambling profit in September increased by 2.8% over the same period last year - to 21.95 billion yuan ($2.72 billion).

Last week, investment analysts had forecast an increase in the GGR for September at an annualized rate of about 10%. The actual result for the month turned out to be a few percentage points lower than the initial estimates.

Brokers involved in the gambling sector of Macau, noted that the damage from the disaster was insignificant for gambling establishments, despite the fact that the city authorities closed all casinos in order to observe the precautionary measures. Most establishments began work on September 17th.

In general, for 9 months since the beginning of the year, the GGR indicator of Macau amounted to almost 224.06 billion yuan, which, according to official figures, is 15.9% more than in the previous year.

Meanwhile, Golden Week kicked off in Macau, which will last until October 6th. The celebration is dedicated to the Chinese Day of Education.

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