The gambling problem in the UK remains at the same level, but the number of players decreases

Gambling problem in UK still a bit problem

Statistics show that the number of problem players in the UK has not changed since 2016. At the same time, the number of people taking part in gambling fell by 6% compared to the previous year.

Gambling addiction was more often observed among people who took part in more than one kind of betting during the past year. The study also showed that 2.4% of people have a low risk of developing of the gambling addiction and 1.1% have an average level of risk.

"Understanding the scope of gambling problem is an important aspect on the way of creating a safe gambling environment. However, these data will not show the level of harm or the more extensive impact of gambling on families and communities. That is why, together with the Strategic Council for Responsible Gambling, we have created an innovative approach. We want to understand the full range of damage that gambling can do to society," - said Tim Miller, executive director of UKGC.

The study also revealed that the number of gambling amateurs among the adult population decreased from 63% to 57%.

Most of the players were men, and the most active group were people aged from 25 to 34 years.

The national lottery of Great Britain became the most popular kind of gambling. 41% of the population took part in at least one drawing during the year.

Last month, UKGC set new rules for gambling advertising.

"A medical examination in conjunction with our testimonies and data, shows that the level of gambling problem in the UK has remained at the same level. Nevertheless, we want to see a steady decline in this niche and will continue to encourage the industry to move towards this goal," - Miller added.

This week UKGC also began a consultation process to find out the opinion of industry representatives on the proposed amendments to the legislation.

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