The first Cypriot casino officially opened

The C2 (First Cypriot Casino) officially opened for almost a month

In the press service of the Cyprus Casinos (C2) announced the holding of two events timed to the opening of the first licensed casino in Cyprus.

"The solemn events that we hold is a way to thank the community for the support," - the company said in a statement.

Casino C2 has been functioning for several months and has become a must for visiting by local residents and tourists. Only in the first three weeks since the opening, there were more than 33 thousand visitors.

The first event took place on 25th of September. The cocktail party was visited by representatives of the business community of the country. Today, on September 27, in C2 there will be several events with surprises for clients.

Currently, the casino employs more than 600 people, the vast majority of whom are citizens of Cyprus.

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