The decision to build a casino resort in Danville will be made by referendum

The decision to build a casino resort in Danville will be made by referendum

Danville teams up with Bristol and Portsmouth to convince the General Assembly to legalize casinos. However, the decision will be made by holding a referendum.

Danville City Council unanimously voted to adopt a resolution on supporting legislation that would allow for a local referendum on the construction of a casino resort in the city at the upcoming General Assembly session.

Bristol and Portsmouth made similar decisions in September and October, respectively.

Before the vote, the council members discussed the lack of jobs and tax revenues, as well as other problems that can be solved after the casino was put into operation.

We are talking about almost 7,000 jobs and more than $ 1 billion that will support our economy over the next decade,” - said Vice Mayor Lee Vogler.

Lawmakers believe that in connection with the construction of gambling facilities it will be necessary to increase the tax on real estate. This is necessary in order to cover the costs associated with the social security of schools.

Council members say they receive a lot of feedback from citizens about the possible construction of a casino, with the majority in favor of an integrated resort.

In addition, the final decision on whether Danville will become the place where the casino resort will be raised remains with the citizens. If the state legalizes gambling legislation, the locals will determine the fate of the integrated resort by direct expression of their will - a referendum.

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