The casino management system market can grow up to $11.7 billion

The increase in demand of the security in casino management may impact on the overall growth of the casino management market

A new study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc., showed that by 2025 the volume of the casino management systems market will reach $11.7 billion. The key factors for this growth are, according to experts, the increasing demand for gambling and the introduction of innovations.

The study shows that the growing popularity of the use of technologically advanced solutions and systems in gambling, designed to improve operational efficiency, will help expand the market for casino management systems.

In 2016, this market in the US demonstrated record high performance. It is expected that the value of CAGR will rise by 13.5% in the period from 2017 to 2025. The greatest dynamics is observed in North America and the Asia-Pacific region. The CAGR will be 17% over the forecast period. An important role will be played by the growing demand for the gambling industry in Japan, China and India.

The study shows that a growing number of gambling establishments and an increase in customer demand for gambling will raise the value of the casino management system market over the next nine years.

At the same time, an increase in the income and the amount of cash operations of gambling establishments provokes an increase in the number of fraudulent attacks and attempts of break-ins. To protect the game environment in institutions, operators invest in the development of appropriate solutions. Consequently, security and surveillance systems have become an integral component of the casino management system, allowing operators to prevent threats in real time.

Earlier it became known that a teenager from Finland found a mistake in the work of the gambling software in online institution, which gave him a possibility to transfer money to from different accounts to his own. The young user stole €250,000.

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