The 13 hotel project is still not licensed for hotel activities

The complex 13 hotel project don't have license for hotel activities

The Tourism Authority of the Government of Macao (MGTO, the authority responsible for issuing permits for hotel activities in the region) said it had not yet issued a license for Project 13 Hotel.

The developer is South Shore Holdings Ltd. Until the end of June, the company was known as The 13 Holdings Ltd.

"The 13 Hotel is 5-star luxury hotel has been rechecked all premises. To date, the Office of Tourism of the Government of Macao expects the conclusion of technical departments, on the basis of which a decision will be made regarding the issuing of a license," - the MGTO reported.

In June, MGTO conducted the first check-up of The 13 Hotel, located on the Kotaisko-Kokoans border of Macau. However, the Tourist Board decided that the promoter of this scheme should apply for re-examination in connection with the licensing process due to unfinished work.

MGTO was not provided with clear information on the timing of the license issuance to conduct business for The 13 Hotel.

In the latest annual report published on Thursday, the developer announced that the company expects to receive all necessary licenses for the facility's launch around August 25, 2018, and The 13 Hotel will open on August 31, 2018. In South Shore Holdings reported that the planned opening date can be revised depending on the circumstances surrounding the construction process.

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