Thai police closed another illegal gambling establishment

Thai police closed another illegal gambling establishment

The police of the Thai island of Phuket, in cooperation with the soldiers of the Royal Thai Army, discovered and liquidated an illegal gambling establishment, which was run by a 72-year-old resident.

The police raided the building where the illegal gambling establishment was located. Almost all the players managed to escape before the police invaded, but the 72-year-old owner and manager physically could not leave the building, so he was quickly arrested.

The 72-year-old Thai man admitted that he was the manager of an illegal gambling establishment. In this illegal casino were held banned card games called "89".

As a result of the raid, the police seized equipment and a small amount of cash.

Recall that in Thailand all kinds of gambling are prohibited except for the state lottery and sports betting. The ban on 120 card games is enshrined in the gambling law of 1935.

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